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Research on the Internalization of Higher Education (Essay Sample)


Educational STATISTICS in the current world education especially in the united states .


Internalization of Higher Education
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Internalization of Higher Education
The 2015 educational statistics, the United States of America has 5% growth of receiving international students. According to Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), the report shows that Indian postgraduate students are the leading number of international students in the United States. The CGS report further elaborates that eight of every ten-graduate application abroad are from China, South Korea, and India (Kim & Roh, 2016). Therefore, students from many countries in Asia prefer studying in Europe and America due to their advanced technological facilities and easy job finding. 52% of the total foreign doctorate students in Europe are from more than 40 countries of Asia which among the top providers are China and India (Kim, & Roh, 2016).
The focus of institutions on internationalization has been important among doctoral students. It has enhanced student mobility and international research collaboration among doctoral students internationally (Hayden & Thompson, 2013). Students become aware of international matters and benefits of studying doctoral programs on engineering and social sciences internationally. These engineering programs and social sciences programs help doctorate students discover new career paths, broaden experience in globalization and interpersonal matters, cultural adjustment and help the students contribute to the diplomacy of knowledge globally (Hayden & Thompson, 2013).
The IAU 3rd Global survey (2009) elaborates that relationship break-up has enhanced due to dual-career and further studies among married couples. Single international doctoral students are noted to have adequate time to study but many end up unmarried in their lives or marry or get married at late ages such as 40’s or 50’s (Adil et al., 2013). Also, the existing literature admits that women are less likely to relocate and study abroad unless their husbands are satisfied. This reduces the number of dual-career doctoral students in international doctoral programs especially women (Chiebinger et al., 2008). Anti-nepotism rules and family problems are arising due to students in dual career moving to study doctoral programs internationally.
Attracting international students, international teaching and research partnership activities are enhanced. These students from different countries have different cultural knowledge which facilitates the expansion of research in education (Hayden & Thompson, 2013). Also, corporation and globalization's have been enhanced through ensuring that international students are admitted to doctoral programs.
The International Association of Universities (IAU) has ensured that they conduct a global survey on education matters. The student body has a higher education virtual resources which contain a variety of resources including articles and models which help students. The resources help students receive information which may guide them on research and globally unite them with other students. The body also has set Internalization Strategies Adv...
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