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Explain How To Become A More Effective Lifelong Learner (Essay Sample)


The student was required to explain How to Become a More Effective Lifelong Learner.


Lifelong Learning
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Lifelong Learning
Lifelong learning is one of the most important investments a student can make as it helps one become more productive, effective, and successful. To become a more effective lifelong learner, a student must make a decision not to be contented with what one knows and commit to learning new ways to expand both professional and personal skills. Further, having big dreams of advancing career growth is equally important as it provides inner motivation to pursue and explore the professional path.
Dr Laura (2017) highlights that engaging in works that encourages lifelong learning is essential for one to become an effective learner. Such entails choosing a career and an employer who promotes and supports lifelong learning as this may profoundly affect one decision to become a lifelong learner. Thus, keeping a smart company will play a significant role in role in becoming an effective lifelong learner. In this regard, it is recommended to reach out to the individual that one admires to get some ideas and advice. Meeting with influencers and organising meetings to explore various ideas and topics of learning would also play a vital role in becoming an effective lifelong learner. Being in touch with people who inspire you will also help.
Samuel (2015) indicates that for one to become an effective learner, it’s essential to apply different learning styles. He argues that using the visual, audial, and tactile styles enable one to understand a concept and do things differently. Additionally, exercising and nutrition helps one to maintain a physical and mental fitness which is useful for a lifelong learner. Physical exercise causes the body to produce chemicals that help the brain thrive and survive enabling a student to continue with lifelong learning.
Dr Laura (2017) notes that becoming an effective lifelong learner requires one to visit a library more often as it gives a student the opportunity to read quality materials useful for career development. Also, one should learn the art of repetition as it helps build connection in our long-term memory over time. Students should learn that mastering new skills requires repetition, review and practice hence such should become part of daily practice.
According to Leyden (2017), it is essential to use a personal learning environment. This involves understanding how to learn by using proven techniques of learning. Since learning is a process, using the right approach helps the learner succeed in the journey of discovering new knowledge. It is also prudent to experiment with new ways of learning. This would be possible in some methods such as the use of mind maps, use of music, drawing illustrations inform of diagrams as well as watching documentaries. Use of such alternatives helps students to approach learning in a different ...
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