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The Movie Manhattan With Evaluation Of Trends Of Characters In Other Movies (Essay Sample)



              Manhattan Movie Review and Analysis Name of the Student Institution Affiliation Movie Review Manhattan is an extraordinary film that explores comedy and romance. Woody Allen, the director, and writer of the movie combine witty dialogue, George Gershwin’s music and an ambient location shooting making one of the best romantic comedy movies. Although Isaac (Woody Allen) a neurotic writer in his early forties and Tracy (Mariel Hemingway), a 17-year-old student, get involved in a romantic relationship. Isaac doesn’t feel she is the best option for him and urges Tracy to look for a scholarship in London. Throughout their relationship, Isaac does his best to end the relationship and even goes ahead to tell her that he is involved with another woman, which is untrue (Allen, 1982).  However, Isaac later confesses to a friend that he made a wrong decision to let go, Tracy. Maybe he was right since there was no possible future between a 42-year old man and a 17-year old girl. The move concentrates much on superficiality and cynicism in the modern dating and how Isaac’s glib complexity can’t save him from his true emotions whenever expressed (Allen, 1982).  Isaac’s character is surrounded by other grown-ups who constrain the breaking of relationships. Yale (Michael Murphy) has been in a happy marriage for years but has an affair with Mary. Both Isaac and Yale have a character of attempting to escape a relationship by convincing their partner that it’s for their own good. They hide their affections behind words hence powerless to deal with their emotional truth. Therefore, the film isn’t about the present love, but past emotional opportunities that characters had but assumed them, hence having wistful pain for letting go their love life. However, the situation gets complicated when Isaac decide to date Mary, his best friend’s ex-partner. Their relationship isn’t romantic but comedy since Isaac doesn’t know whether to run away from Mary or towards her (Allen, 1982).  Critical analysis What makes the movie so incredible is not its plot but the unique misc-en-scene. The movie describes Manhattan as the center of the universe where everything, even its people is larger than life. The opening scene is among one of the most favorite parts of the film. The scene perfectly introduces the audience with an epic soundtrack that recalls the active 20s, a golden age in New York history. It also includes a display of amazing black and white color that is used in the film. The most impressive thing is that Woody Allen doesn’t talk about his personal life but New York which gives the audience an accurate description of the movie. In other words, it's not a story about the people but about New York (Allen, 1982).  Of all his films, Manhattan included a background that involved handpicked artworks that make the view of the city appear rather subtle. In Annie Hall, Woody play Alvy singer a comedian tries to find out the reason for ending his relationship with Annie Hall. He engages his mother in a lot of questing that is difficult to answer. Majority of the questions are about his loneliness of existence as much as he tries to protect his innocent sexual curiosity. Both two movies portray Woody as a person existing in the life of failed relationships (Allen, Brickman & Joffe, 1977) Annie Hall movie presents Woody as a successful guy but fails when it comes to love, especially with Annie. His relatable and flawed love life makes him interesting to the audience. Alvy, apart from lacking a romantic life and often enduring self-effacing, he is obsessed with sex, anti-Semitism, and death. In other words, he is displayed as a pessimistic person who lacks hope for a better romantic future (Allen & Björkman, 2005).  In the movie, Husband, and Wife, which the plot is about the relationship between couples. Woody plays as Gabe, who is with Judy (Mia Farrow. The movie is introduced with a break between sally and Jack. Jack is however surrounded by people of relationship wreckage. After Jack breaking up with Sally (Judy Davis) he begins dating Sam which makes Gabe wonder if he is crazy. Later, Judy introduces Sally to Michael (Liam Neeson) who develops an interest in Sally and soon start dating. Gabe later builds up an argument with Judy of a poem she didn’t share with him. The fight leads to Judy breaking up with him and after a week he moves out of the apartment. In this movie, Allen plays a unique character compared to the two movies. He is less vicious and a good present relationship although he cheats with one of his students. Just like in Annie Hall movie, Allen character realizes that he had spoilt his relationship with Judy, although it was going on well. The film ends with the reunion of Sally and Jack, despite their problems, while Gabe decides that he cannot be in a relationship because he always ends up hurting someone. Similar to Manhattan, Allen plays a role of a hopeless lover in a failed relationship and he is the source of breakups in his relationships (Allen & Björkman, 2005).  One can, therefore, conclude that Allen often plays a similar character in his movies. There is a significant resemblance in verbal facilities as well as mannerism in the movies. In Manhattan, he is portrayed as a man with deep immaturity when it comes to finding love. Unlike in Manhattan, he is at least mature and in ...
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