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Paired and Independent t-test (Essay Sample)


Difference between Paired and Independent t-test and where they can be applied


Paired and Independent t-test
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(1st October, 2013)

Paired and Independent t-test
Statistics have found its way in a number of fields. It’s contribution in helping scholars draw meaning, policy makers in developing tangible policies, good drugs being produced cannot be over-emphasized. It is always good for scholars to clearly understand a number of statistical techniques and how and when to apply them Polit, D. & Beck, C. (2008). The paper will critically look at paired and independent t-test. A paired sample t-test is used when the data provided is from only one group of participant. Additionally the test is suitable when one wishes to determine whether the difference between means for two sets of scores is the same or different (Sullivan, 2011). This approach assumes that only the matched pair should be used to perform the test, the test of normality should be met, variances of the samples ought to be equal and cases should be independent of each other.
On the other hand, independent t-test is applied when determining whether there is a significant difference between two sets of scores from unmatched groups. The major assumption that should be met for the technique to be used include; the data in each group must be drawn independently and at random from each group’s own homogeneous population, without randomization of some sort, there are no sampling distribution models and no inference, the underlying populations are normally distributed and the two groups being compared must be independent of each other (Sullivan, 2011).
An example where an independent t-test can be used is when researchers want to determine effectiveness of two malaria drugs. The sample will be divided into two groups in which group A will be given drug X while gro...
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