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Technical Writing (Essay Sample)


It was about access and installation of IT applications.

Student Name
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Technical Writing
Aim and purpose
The aim of this paper is to describe attributes of an effective set of instructions for burning a CD in Windows media Player. In the present digital generation, people opt to use audio data in portable formats such as MP3, MP4 and digital video formats. The instructions can only be successful if the reader is able to copy music in a CD and burn them correctly. This is the fundamental aim of the instructions. The instructions focus on one major theme: ‘How to burn a CD successfully’.
Steps of Burning CDs
Open Window media Player
Step 2
Click on the tab labeled Burn
Step 3
Select Audio CD
Step 4
Check to make sure that your computer is connected to the drive you want to use for recording the CD.
Step 5
Avail a blank CD R
Step 6
Insert the CD into the CD/DVD drive.
Step 7
Open the Burn interface in media player
Step 8
Click on the Burn button on the navigation bar

Step 9
Select the type of the CD under tasks option.
Step 10
Set the burning speed
Step 11
Select the music from the file location and copy to CD
Step 12
Label the CD by name
Step 13
Burn the CD
Step 14
Observe the burning process, when the CD drive ejects the CD, reinsert.
Step 15
When you receive message “ Burning completed successfully”, test the music.

Intended readers for the instructions
The instructions target any user who has access to electronic devices such as computers, iPod tablet and music enabled portable phone. The present generation consists of people who love digital music players. The instructions target such readers because they are able to understand the technical terms of digital music as well as digital information management. The instructions require basic knowledge in information technology and computer literacy. There is ...
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