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The Value of Integrating Art into Reading and Writing (Essay Sample)


The content areas are reading and writing with the focus on Art.
Discuss the value of integrating art into the content areas, support your thoughts with research. Be specific
NOTE: Focus is on early childhood students ages 5-8 years old.
Areas focusing on are reading and wring within Social studies and Art


The Value of Integrating Art into Reading and Writing
Art is an instructional approach that provides learners with activities or processes that stimulate their creativity and helps them grow cognitively and physically. Art is also a language that gives learners a platform to develop and express their emotions and ideas. When children between the ages of five and eight years are exposed to artistic activity, their brain adapts to movements, sounds, sizes, and colors, thus increasing their neural connection. Art is vital in early childhood education for several reasons. First, integrating arts in the classroom helps the children acquire and improve their social skills by promoting their self-esteem, learning to express themselves, and allowing them to cooperate and interact with others (Rymanowicz, 2015). Secondly, art fosters the intellectual development of learners. The specific value of integrating art into reading and writing for kids between the ages of five and eight is improving their concentration and comprehension levels, reading and language skills, cognitive development, developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
Value to the Reading Process
Integrating art in the reading and writing processes of early childhood education for kids aged five to eight is beneficial in several ways. First, artistic activities increase the children’s capacity to concentrate, memory, and attention which helps the learners develop reading skills (Barton, 2015). Additionally, art introduces children to new concepts and vocabulary, thus improving their reading comprehension. Secondly, art helps promote language skills, a critical aspect of the reading process. As the children share their artwork, they get an excellent opportunity to learn new words, thus promoting their reading abilities (Barton, 2015). The other value of integrating arts into reading is that it allows children to connect and explore new concepts, thus improving their cognitive development.

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