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Comparison of Two Air Traffic Control Entities (Essay Sample)


THIS TASK REQUIRED ME TO CREAT A BLOG AND explain, with support, MY chosen AIR CONTROL entities and detail how each entity supports air traffic management, includING similarities and differences BETWEEN THEM. MOREOVER I HAD CHOOSE BETWEEN two entities, national or international, that I WAS CONFIDENT OF ELABORATING.


Comparison of Air Traffic Control Entities
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Air Traffic Control Entities
To effectively maintain aircraft moving safely, airports in the United States are divided into various categories of airspace that offer different services. Ground controllers and a controller oversee the initial departures and arrivals at airports with class D, C, or B airspace. Class D is thought to have the least amount of traffic and only needs a ground and tower controller, although, in class C airspace, an approach controller is nearly always present (Federal Aviation Administration, 2016). The controllers' responsibility is to oversee aircraft from the en-route or cruise phase of flight to the approach phase. The larger airports in the nation use Class B and typically have numerous controller towers that operate on different sides of the airport. This blog will compare and contrast the “Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON)” and the “Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC)”.
Terminal Radar Approach Control
Freudenrich's research indicates that the “Terminal Radar Approach Control's” purview is limited incoming and exiting flights in the airspace area (Freudenrich, 2020). “TRACON” specifically regulates an airspace radius of 50 miles (80 km) from the radar. This knowledge makes it clear that a TRACON station can service many airports provided they are all located within the aforementioned radius. These stations watch the aircraft using radar and provide it with recommendations for safe separations, ascent rates, and descent rates. A single file landing is accomplished by approach 

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