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HardTech Inc. & Mearl oil Case Study Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


write an essay on "HardTech Inc. & Mearl oil Case Study"


HardTech Inc. & Mearl oil Case Study
HardTech Inc. & Mearl oil Case Study
HardTech Inc. should use the matrix project structure even though the executive prefers the traditional project structure. This project structure will get rid of idle project staff as the firm could assign project teams for each and every initiative while still maintaining their roles in the home department. The development, design and sale representatives could work together since the start of the project to the end instead of working separately on each piece. The matrix project structure would be beneficial in optimizing the entire project by assigning down-time resources to their home department. Each department needs to have a project team to cater for each initiative in order to complete the new projects. Each department should work individually due to lack of communication. This is because setting up a pure project structure would be very expensive for the Company taking into consideration the size of the Company.
In the Mearl Oil Company case study, the Company is considering all its options in promoting environmental standards and maintaining a healthy environment for all human beings in its operations. As such, the company is considering its options in seeking green energy in anticipation of the end of fossil fuel era. It is ready to invest in the green energy investment as fossil fuel energy contributes a lot to environmental pollution and oil reserves are anticipated to run out in the near future. However, currently, the Company is employing various standards known as Mearl Environmental Impact Targets (EITs) which are aimed at managing risks and enabling innovation to create opportunities. The Company has decided to divide its global operations into regions which will enable the Company to monitor their progress in implementing the above strategies in reducing the environmental impact of their operations. Their support system environmental manager Leslie Milne is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that all their subsidiaries and c=branches worldwide conform to the EITs requirements in order to protect the environment and human life. This will also improve the overall image of the company to members of the public.
The Company’s support system environmental manager, Leslie Milne should ensure that Mearl Oil Company allocates a substantial amount of money to its environmental program aimed at reducing the impact of its operations on the environment. The manager is also supposed to do some follow up on the environmental programs been undertaken by the company. The success of those programs is dependent on the manager as she is required to hold meetings with regional managers and monitor their performance. She is also required to negotiate environmental standards in different countries on behalf of the company and ensure that it follows those environmental rules and regulations to the later. The environmental manager i...
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