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A Client Job Trade Specification Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


A client job


C. Tarde Specification

Rostek Complete BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) machine is the most appropriate to use in this case. The BMU provide lateral, horizontal and vertical movements, making it possible for the workers responsible for the maintenance of the building to move smoothly along the façade.

The hoisting heights of the machine is up to 400m meaning that it can move the maintenance workers to the highest point of the podium cladding of the PPP office building.

Source: Rostek-UK 2017

The combination of the hoisting height of 400m and jip outreach of 35m makes the Rostek Complete BMU machine very efficient in providing safe access to the tallest and complex building facades. Therefore, the BMU will be capable of providing maintenance services such as cleaning of the windows and replacement of the broken glasses of the PPP office building as desired

The current cradles of BMU machine have a load limit of 250kg, which is appropriate for the maintenance needs at facades of the PPP office building. In case of glass replacement needs, the BMU can be redesigned to support higher load limits. Therefore, the BMU is flexible for various façade maintenance needs, making appropriate for the maintenance needs of the PPP office building facades

The Rostek complete BMU machine is suitable for buildings with large terraces and complex facades with unique designs such as the PPP office building. The outreach capacity of 35m will enable the BMU machine to deal with all kinds of maintenance of the facades at the PPP office building

The Rostek BMU machine is also flexible in movement because it can operate from a fixed position or move along twin steel tracks. This makes the BMU flexible thus applicable to a wide range of situations

Source: Rostek-UK 2017

The PPP office building will require this BMU machine for all the maintenance activities to be undertaken effectively

The Rostek Complete BMU machine is developed based on state of art technology, making it among the best in the building and constructions industry. Therefore, the machine is highly recommended because being a recent development it has taken into consideration the faults on the previous BMU systems, especially those that had a high level of safety risk on a building maintenance professional

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