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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer (Essay Sample)


advantages and dissadvantage of computer essay


Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer
In the world of technology, the computer is helpful to do a piece of paper of work efficiently smoothly, fast. Computer technology made bearings on society. It's changed the angle of life. The utilization of engineering has affected a part of life. People are employing a computer to perform a task easier and uniformly. An enormous advantage of computers saving time energy and reduces the cost to finish specific tasks or jobs
Computers don't seem to be confused for private purposes, importance various purposes especially within the organizations, the bank has used technologies for maintaining accounts and managing financial transactions. (Anderson, J. W., Konz, E. C., & Jenkins, D. J. , 2000) They provide facilities for online banking; customer can check their account balance from using the web. The different task is performed automatically by using computers. It reduces the wants of individuals. Because of that unemployment in society increases, that's the massive disadvantage of computers. Receiving information is very easy by using a computer.
The employment of computers puts the world at a distinct height. But every monetary has two sides, therein way use of computer incorporates some merit of the pc and some computers demerit. Financial difficulties may make it difficult for few students to access importance's coursework, while students may use computers to play games or chat. Students benefit from increased knowledge activities when writing new information by hand, particularly in subjects like math and chemistry. (Funke, Joachim, 1998)Most computer programs include a spelling and grammar check, and students might depend upon the pc to correct spelling and grammatical errors.

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