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Analysis of Body Movements in Martin Luther King and Alicia Garza's Speeches (Essay Sample)


The task is based on i have a dream by Mr luthing King and speach by Alicia Garza of the black lives matter movement. The aim was to analyze te body movements in these two speeches and answer questions like; Provide a summary of the two speeches.
Compare Dr. King's leadership, charisma, power and passion to capture his audience to Alicia Garza's speech. What are the similarities, if any? What are the differences, if any?
How does the location of the speeches support their messaging? Dr. King's speech was held in a church and at the Lincoln Memorial, whereas today we have social networking and more avenues to relay messages. Does messaging make a difference?
Describe how the audience in Dr. King's speeches relate to the Alicia Garza's audience. Do you see a similarity or differences in the speeches and in the audience?


I have a dream speech by martin Luther delivered at Lincoln memorial Washington remains at the heart of many Black Americans. Martin, a civil rights activist, brings out the racial discrimination and injustice in American history. Luther emphasizes the importance of justice, freedom, and equality to all. He was furious that black Americans were freed from slavery by the emancipation proclamation, but they were not free from injustice and discrimination in the real sense. Though American independence assured everyone of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness; however the black community did not receive them. Martin argued that there was little time left to turn things to order; he called out on everyone for democracy and justice.
Luther calls for equal treatment of Americans and urges his listeners to avoid resulting physical violence no matter the provocation. He says that there is no room for violence and hatred in civil rights movements. Unity. Martin acknowledged that people had been victims of police brutality and other injustices within his congregation, but they had no time to mourn; instead, they marched forward and progressed as much time had elapsed. People left their comfort places until equality had been guaranteed. Martin urges them as they go home to various cities and ghettos to acknowledge that America had and could be changed. The people had to face the challenges and move on. Luther acknowledges that the fight would be challenging, but he had a dream that all would be treated equally in America one day. He 

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