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Process Analysis: Challenges Facing E-Learning Adult Students (Essay Sample)


management of the challenges facing adult students taking online courses is the only way that can motivate students to complete their course successfully. It is clear that all people have equal number of hours allocated per day; therefore creating a study plan helps you to carry out your daily activities more effectively, thus you can account to every single time spent on taking the online classes. Also, we can manage these problems by familiarizing ourselves with new technology available for our studies. Students can use accessible devices like smartphones from wherever they are to access the online classes and get updated on the progress of the syllabus. Identifying resources that will be used during the course study also helps the student to plan early in order to avoid inconveniences. Finally, time management is the most integral part for the students taking online courses. Since time cannot be controlled or stopped, it is good to manage every single moment when taking online classes. Finally, study plan will also help you in allocating time necessary for providing parental support to your kids, working effectively with your workmates, and also completing your schoolwork on time, for instance, you can decide to allocate your time for private studies, especially when your kids are sleeping.


Process Analysis
Effective management of challenges facing E-learning adult students is one of the factors that can help the students to complete their course successfully. It is also very challenging to be parent, employee, and student at the same time. Despite giving E-learning students a lot of flexibility on carrying out their assignments and where to do it from, it demands that students should take extra steps for them to succeed in their studies. Commitment, discipline, and organization are some of the traits that student should possess no matter what position they are in or what path they are taking for them to complete the course. Students can manage these challenges by making a study plan, managing time effectively and wisely, getting used to technology that is being used for the online course, establishing a workplace, and asking for help where necessary among others. This paper discusses how students taking online courses can manage these challenges in order to complete their courses successfully.
As an adult student, you must create study plan and a study calendar. This is an organized schedule created by students outlining the time allocated aside to study, thus focusing on their learning objectives. Just as work schedule or school schedule, a student taking online courses should create a study plan so that he/she can allocate some time to study. Also, a study plan can be created easily by checking the syllabus before the course kicks off and adjust yourself to commit your time as stated in your calendar. Allocate proper study time to the classes and stick to them.
A study plan makes a student accountable for the learning outcomes. It is also an effective way that helps students taking online courses to navigate through the online education system successfully in an organized manner. Furthermore, a study plan helps students to develop self-discipline and determination that are necessary in achieving their learning objectives, because there is no close supervision from the instructors. Since there is no correct study plan for all students, every student needs to make his/ her own study plan through self-evaluation of his/her own schedule and time management.
Also, as an adult student, you must provide proper guidelines to your children. Some of the role an individual should concentrate on as a parent is teaching their kids moral roles and how they can compete in the schools. Therefore, one has various responsibilities; sustaining families by providing basic needs such as shelter, food, and clothes.
With reference to Mock (2), it is important to work on your time management skills wisely and effectively, because it plays an important role as it help students to manage their studies more effectively. Time management is the most critical aspect for students taking online courses. Since online courses give much of its flexibility on when to do your studies, it is therefore important to devote much of your time in order to have effective learning. This can be achieved by checking details on the dates of the class syllabus, fixing them correctly to your calendar, and setting time aside to finish coursework in advance by making a commitment and fulfilling the requirements of the course. Treat the time blocks set seriously as you would treat the time in a face-to-face class by properl

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