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Cher Wang; the Popular Woman I Would Like to Talk To (Essay Sample)

Cher Wang; the Popular Woman I Would Like to Talk To References Chirnside, E. (2014, April 13). Biography of Cher Wang. Retrieved from Gender and Technology: Peng, M. W. (2013). Global Business. New York, NY: Cengage Learning. source..
Cher Wang; the Popular Woman I Would Like to Talk To Name Institution Cher Wang; the Popular Woman I Would Like to Talk To Throughout history and modern times, women have continued to play a significant role in all societies much as male dominance has been a major challenge. From renowned media moguls to powerful and influential leaders, some women have persistently fought great battles successfully in niches such as entrepreneurship. Today, many women are now celebrated for their success, and many young people continue to emulate them throughout the world. One of the women, now featuring in the history of cell phone technology is Cher Wang. Every other person may want to interact with Wang, the founder of the HTC mobile manufacturing company because she has an inspiring success story in spite of her humble beginnings. Wang is among the few influential and successful female entrepreneurs whose success is entirely attributed to individual wits, efforts and the ability to plan. A review of her family background reveals that she acquired entrepreneurial interest and skills from her father, Wang Yung-ching who founded a Taiwanese petrochemicals company called Formosa Plastics Group (Chirnside, 2014). Commendably, Cher Wang went forth to start her company instead of working for her father or other employers because that would only hinder her from pursuing her entrepreneurial goals. After working for several electronics and cell phone companies, she established the HTC Company marking the start of her journey to greatness. Today, her company products account for up to 20% of the global smartphone market (Peng, 2013). Wang is popular for philanthropy in her efforts to give back to the society in appreciation of her success. Since the establishment of her company, she has been a major donor and financier of the Guizhou Forerunner College in China; a charitable college provides low-cost education to needy students. Besides, Wang has occasionally inferred that she intends to set up similar institutions across the country to serve more disadvantaged students (Chirnside, 2014). Her positivity and willingness to help the needy is highly encouraging as it proves her down to earth personality. Possibly, talking with her may reveal what motivates her philanthropy because it is a charming personality to emulate. The personal life of Wang is a perfect example of the evolutionary progress of how women have taken up important positions at both the local and international levels with some surpassing their male counterparts in entrepreneurship. Different from most people, however, Wang opts to keep off the limelight regardless of her accomplishments in business and personal life. In fact, many people have never heard of her much as they may be her customers. The ability to live and act behind the scenes is an excellent skill that most people would want to imitate from Wang....
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