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Complexities of Human Beings. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


The essay was simply assessing complexities of Human Beings as brought out in Shakespeare's Hamlet.


Key Word: Complex human being
Meta Description: Human beings can depict complex personalities. This is well brought out in the Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Who is a complex human being?
All human beings are complex. Hence when one says a person is complex, this simply implies that the person is more complicated than others (A. Pandeyar, 2019). According to Pandeyar (2019), complex personalities, unlike their simple counterparts, internalize their every decision. Complex human beings are freethinkers, curious, flexible, and self-confident. As a result they are often creative, intelligent, revolutionary and lonely.
Complex human being in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’
Hamlet is one of the most well-thought and circumspectly set Plays. At the beginning of the Play, Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet, has recently died (killed by Claudius as revealed by the Ghost), and his mother, Queen Gertrude, has married the new king, Hamlet’s uncle Claudius (Sparknotes). The Ghost instructs Hamlet to revenge his murder but not to harm his mother (Queen Gertrude). In this Play, Shakespeare adopts various themes, styles and characterization to develop complexities of human beings.
For instance, introspection is applied in demonstrating the disgust of Hamlet at being called son of Claudius. In his introspection Hamlet says, “a little more than kin and less than kind.” This demonstrates Hamlet’s discomfort with any kinship association with Claudius, but is also not in a position to let it known. He therefore conceals it from his mother and Claudius because he believes uncalculated action or move may be dangerous for him.

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