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Consumer Behavior (Essay Sample)


Topic:Consumer Behavior The sample is about Consumer Behavior


Consumer Behavior
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Purchasing a product requires decisions to be made on the variety of products available in the market (Lunn, 2011). Recently, I wanted to purchase a mobile phone gadget, but with the adversity in technology and a huge number of mobile phones in the economy, decision making was a necessity. Moving along the streets, I realized that numerous stalls had a variety of phones, and it was prudent to assess the ones that I wanted to purchase to ascertain the quality and durability of the gadget. Some of the issues that I focused before purchasing the item were the price of the product, size, portability, efficiency, the life time of the battery, and special features that were unique. As competitiveness in the economy has increased, the product manufacturers market their products in an ideal and attractive manner. There is competition for consumers and having a well attractive product, of course that is also lowly priced, will encourage them to purchase the product. However, after intense scrutiny of the features of the mobile gadgets from different companies, I purchased a Nokia mobile phone.
Problem recognition was the first stage that initiated the purchase process (Lunn, 2011). As I was accustomed to making calls to different parts of the world, and accessing online services using the phone, my phone had ceased to operate and needed replacement. The thought that I would not communicate or transact activities with my colleagues was demanding. In the current economy, communication is essential especially for a successful business entity or individuals in the society. Though the need to have a phone may be perceived to be something of unnecessary, when one is enjoying the services of the product, when one looses the gadget, it is then that you will realize the significance attached to it. After determining the problem that I wanted to solve, the next stage was to describe the need. Initially, the mobile phone that I had was outdated, and it did not possess the feature that characterizes the modern life. I wanted to have a phone that I could easily surf the internet, access to music downloads, and have a huge memory. My previous phone had a limited memory size, and it was inconveniencing my desire ...
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