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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Community Relations (CR) (Essay Sample)


This week, you will:
• Assess the product, service, or other output of the (your) company looking to start or expand CR work
• Focus on causes that may fit the values and goal of your company
• Specify priority areas for impact
For your signature project contribution this week, you will assess your organization independent of the community or CR. I recommend that this be approached in two parts.
Part 1:
Your company (or similar/competitor organizations) likely has formal information available via a website or annual report. It would be very helpful to view a public strategic plan or any other future projection records. Focus on what this company does, produces or changes.
• What does this company sell or what service does it deliver?
• (If available) Is this a primary jobs/ industry provider for the geographic area?
• What change does this product or service have on those that use/ purchase it?
• What is the mission statement of this organization?
• What are the future business goals of this company?
• What skills are shared by the employees of this company or by those that are recruited to this company? (Hint: you can find this in the ‘required’ sections of open job requisitions)
• Do you know of any major challenges that this company is facing?
 If you have access to any stats on the workforce, please include them. Examples can include: Where the employees live (how far away from the building(s)/remote), average degree attainment levels, age breakdowns, turnover rate, self-reported satisfaction levels, etc.)
Part 2:
Once you have explored this company further, what causes or behavior changes might be a good fit for this community/organization relationship? As discussed, it is helpful in the CR goals have some overlap with the company’s values. It is even better when the tools or expertise of a company can strengthen CR work. For example: Can your engineering firm further engage in supporting STEM education? This would benefit local schools, while creating visibility to potential future employees.
Use the work we have already completed (See lecture w/ slides for details on this)
This is the link:
Deliverable: A brief paper that introduces your project company’s
1) business operations and goals
2) your initial thoughts on causes that may be best suited to this company
You do not need to go into the form of support (volunteerism, grants) yet.
This assignment can be as long as needed, but 2 pages is fine.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Community Relations (CR)
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is considered as a business model which makes it possible for a company or an organization to become accountable to all its shareholders including shareholders, employees, the community and also protect the environment. There are different ways through which companies and other firms may remain socially responsible; these include providing education, reducing unemployment, protecting the environment and supporting employees. The benefits of the CSR to the company may consist of organizational growth, enhanced brand image and reputation, reduced regulatory oversight, product safety and increased sales resulting from customer loyalty.
Coca-Cola company has been concerned with its CSR initiatives across the country and other parts of the world. It is essential to understand that Coca-Cola is one of the largest beverage companies in the world and is, therefore, concerned with how it impacts all its stakeholders. Coca-Cola was selected to understand the initiatives developed and implemented by the CR managers and how they affected community members. Coca cola has over 50 brands distributed all over the world to refresh their people in body and spirit. Due to health concern, the company has introduced non-sugary brands that have doubled in demand as indicated in the last quarterly report. There have been various innovations that have been introduced in the last years to increase its value to the consumers. A good example has been addition of coffee to some its product which have doubled the retail market by 6% over the las two consecutive years. Through innovation and creativity, coca cola company is working towards its mission statement to refresh the world, inspire moment of optimism, to create value and make a difference in beverage industry. Coca cola has worked towards this mission be heavily investing in HR and IT which has enabled it recruit best staff, and use proper networking for distribution of its product over the world. This business strategy has enabled the company move closer towards its current and future goals. Due to good progress in the current market, the company has set future goals which is to create a more sustainable business environment that will make a better shared future for its people and the environment they live in. The business strategy sits at the center of the heart to achieve these goals.

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