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Critical Event Management Functions:Junior Golf Tournament Director (Essay Sample)


Instructions: You are the tournament director for a local junior golf tournament. Compose an outline (minimum of 750 words, approximately 3-4 pages excluding title and reference pages) detailing your responsibilities for each of the six (6) "Critical Event Management Functions" (i.e., see below). Explain how you would complete these responsibilities. 1. Finance/Budgeting - The process developing a written plan of revenues and expenses for a particular accounting cycle; the budget specifies available funds among the many purposes of an organization to control spending and achieve organizational goals. 2. Risk Management - Protecting a business or organization from anything that could possibly go wrong and lead to a loss of revenue or customers; developing management strategy to prevent legal disputes from arising and to deal with them if they do occur. 3. Tournament Operations - Pre-event, actual event, and post-event activities for staging an event. 4. Registration System - A system for registering participants in events and collecting and disseminating the appropriate information. 5. Volunteer Management - The supervision of volunteers involved with an event; it involves two areas (1) working with event organizers and staff to determine the areas in which volunteers are needed and the quantity needed and (2) soliciting, training, and managing volunteers. 6. Event Marketing - The process of promoting and selling a sport or special event; it encompasses nine areas: sales of corporate sponsorship, advertising efforts, public relations activities, hospitality, ticket sales, broadcasting, website development and management, licensing/merchandising, and fund-raising. Please begin a new section when presenting information for each of the aforementioned responsibilities. Also, identify each type of responsibility's name (i.e., finance/budgeting, risk management, tournament operations, registration system, volunteer management, and event marketing) in BOLD font within the text. These are broad topics, so you can be brief with some and more detailed with others. It is up to you. Be creative. Your outline should include a minimum of three (3) references


Sports Management Outline - Critical Event Management Functions
Sports Management Outline - Critical Event Management Functions
Junior Golf Tournament Director
In order to ensure the success of such an event as a gold tournament, a lot of planning and preparation is required. Thus, a proficient leader must be at the forefront in steering the plans to make the event successful. A director is a useful person in such planning. In fact, it is the most crucial position. For the director to be successful, he or she must ensure that the functions of event management are properly carried out and this means that he or she must concentrate on organizing the event. Six critical functions of event management must be carried out by the director to ensure success of the tournament. The functions listed and explained below are the most critical in event management and the director must know how to handle them:
1. Finance/budgeting
Without finances, the event would not even take place. As such the finance and budgeting function is one of the most critical functions of any event. It includes establishment of a pan of expenses and income involved in the tournament (Block, Hirt & Danielsen, 2018). The budget will include the available capital for the event and how it is to be spent to make it successful. A look at previous financial budgets is one way of ensuring proper financial management for the tournament as it will go a long way in making estimations and projections for the upcoming event. The budget for the upcoming event may include items such as the projected income, expenses, and revenue.
2. Risk Management
Risk management is important for event management as it identifies the potential risks and how they might affect the tournament. For instance, if there is the risk of rain falling on the day of tournament, the same is identified during risk assessment. In fact, weather is one of the big risks for an event such as a tournament. A solution or a way of mitigating the risk is to be identified and this might include having an alternative in case of bad weather on the day of the tournament (Pedersen & Thibault, 2018). Other risks might be failure by some service providers not turning up as well as security concerns for participants. An event planner must be in a position to find solutions to these risks in case they occur and this is achieved through proper risk management.
3. Tournament Operations
When it comes to tournament operations, it includes the activities that happen before, during and after the tournament. For example, they might include communications with staff members or participants, layout of venues, schedule of activities of the tournament, media coverage, the use of various equipment as well as security and control of crowds such as a high turnout of fans (Allen, 2021). As the director, another operation would be to evaluate the performance reports after the event such as looking at how finances were spent.
4. Registration System
Registration system management is a crucial function of event management. In fact, registration happens to be the foremost ting that a participant interacts with before they can get into the venue. As a director for the tournament, everything must be done to ensure that all people are treated in a manner that is fair during the process of registration (Jones, 2017). Since the world has shifted to digital platforms, online registration will make things easy for the director. Once a person has registered and confirmed their participation, they should be followed up to ensure that they are treated well throughout

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