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Domestic violence (Essay Sample)


domestic violence

Domestic Violence
Never had it been to me that one day; death would fiercely stare at me armed to act had I imagined of approaching a grave. It was in the year 2000 that my perception of death took new dimension.
I vividly recall this day, from its dawn till dusk. It began like any other day, as my mum and daddy exchanging bitter words of disagreement. As the sun grew warm so did temperatures of bitterness and intolerance increment, and similarly the loudness of quarrels which scared my little sisters and niece to flee into unknown, in fear for the unknown.
This day the pangs of terror scared more. Everything was not usual. My father was fired from job. He had stress. My elder sister had run away from home. Dad was bitter with her. Besides, our first born had been suspended from high school; enough reasons for distress. The forum for quarrels matured into blows and threats.
The night gradually approached, darkness encroached and the sun rested in peace with little hopes of rising again. It was cold, windy and dusty. All of a sudden, there was silence. Unusual silence; my little niece went in eagerly. We waited and waited but she never returned. I followed in. Unexpected of shocks! My poor niece lay there. Blood sprang from her chest. She was breathless. She was no more. And where were my mum and daddy?
Having no idea of next move, I found myself in my mother's bedroom. In a glance, a knife was already penetrating my chest! Terrible! My little defense only managed to misdirect the knife to shoulders. I was prepared for the worst. I got the knife out of my flesh mysteriously. The smell of death was the smell of the room. I flew for help. At such a moment, my vocal chords could not sound, nor do my tongues construct a syllable. I flew to the garden down the homestead, and slept with my weak fingers blocking the hole where the knife had stubbed.
I must have lost my conscious for some time. When I gained my senses back, the home was crowded by villagers. Some yelled loudly, others groaned in silence. Some were simply cur...
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