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Domino's Pizza Global Market (Essay Sample)


In evaluating the current competitive advantage for Dominos


Domino’s Pizza Global Market
Product/Service Description
Domino’s Pizza is a company that has been in existence since the 1960s and has used various marketing strategies in order to ensure it achieves its marketing goals. The organization’s logo was initially planned to include another dot with the expansion of each new store, yet this thought immediately blurred, as Domino's accomplished quick development. Reflecting Domino's development, the organization had extended to 200 saves by 1978. During 1975, Domino's confronted a claim by Amstar Corporation, the creator of Domino Sugar, asserting a trademark encroachment and uncalled for rivalry. In May, the Court of Appeal in the New Orleans found for Domino's Pizza. This strategy helped protect their market and customers from copyright infringement.
Where are we now?
Evaluation of current competitive advantage
In evaluating the current competitive advantage for Dominos, it is quite imperative to understand the company’s current market and how it has survived through the market to gain its marketing niche. Evidently, the company has achieved great success in its current market due to various marketing strategies such as the use of SWOT analysis to help in ensuring it identifies its strengths and weaknesses in order to carry out its activities in an effective environment.
SWOT Analysis
Strengths (S)
The company has a competent leadership that will steer it towards success through effective marketing.
The provision of after sales services and other support services for the clients will give the company a competitive advantage such as Pizza deliveries
Weaknesses (W)
The company is venturing into new territory with no prior experience. This might work as a disadvantage to them as they might not know how to handle any arising issues due to lack of experience.
The company could face challenges in the lack of enough finances to propel the strategy and goals of the company.Opportunity (O)
The company’s employees and management can engage in tactical marketing by promoting their services in the local newspapers.
Threats (T)
Dominos faces threats from the bargaining power of its suppliers. This makes it challenging for the company to grab a large market share.

In May 1983, Domino's got to open its first worldwide store, in Winnipeg in Canada. Domino's also opened a 1,000th store. In 1985, they opened the first store in the UK in Luton. In 1985, Domino's had the first stores in Tokyo, Japan. By 1996, Domino's had stretched to 1,200 global areas. In 1997, Domino's launched its 1,400th universal area, opening seven saves in one day over five continents. Between 2007 and 2012, Domino's bit by bit secured the vicinity in India with no less than 1,000 zones by 2012. By the start of 2014, the organization had developed to 6,000 worldwide areas and wanted to stretch to the pizza's origination, Italy. President Patrick Doyle during May 2014 said the organization would focus on its conveyance demonstration there. This paper seeks to look at how Domino’s will use the various marketing strategies in their African outlet in South Africa.
Domino’s Mission Statement
Dominos has a simple and clear mission which states, Sell more Pizza, have more fun!
Reasons for choosing South Africa
South Africa is situated as an upper-focus wage economy by the World Bank and is viewed as of late industrialized country. Its economy is the second greatest in Africa and the 28th-greatest on the planet in the extent of buying. South Africa has the seventh most elevated for every capita for each wage in Africa, notwithstanding the way that poverty and predisposition stay in all cases, with around a quarter of the masses unemployed. In any case, South Africa has been perceived as a middle power in worldwide issues and kept up huge territorial effect (Blecker, 2006).
Market Analysis Summary
South Africa comprises a mixed economy, the second greatest in Africa after Nigeria. It similarly has a reasonably high GDP for each capita stood out from distinctive countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The food business in South Africa has united liberally starting late, and today a discriminating number of the greater pizza makers have budgetary associations or key plots with the critical South African retailers. The pizza industry, on the other hand, has greatly improved altogether. So have the five greatest retailers, and together this record for about a large portion of total retail bargains in South Africa.
The Pest Investigation
It suggests the courses in which the government can intercede in an economy in regards to natural and work laws, obligations, exchange confinements and obligation methodologies. It moreover exhibits how the organization can impact preparing and prosperity and how it will impact the base the associations. As a South African government Plan follows, the structure of the economy will be changed over through industrialization, wide based dim budgetary fortifying and bracing and broadening the piece of the state in the economy. The company currently has a soft landing due to the implementation of various government strategies to the South African market. In order to achieve the best service delivery in the market, the firm has come up with the best strategies that can be used to ensure that the marketing environment favours them. Additionally, the government tariffs in South Africa are affordable for the company hence allowing it to carry out business activities effectively without having to face strict policies (Stevens, 2007).
Investment Factors
South Africa has jumped over two spots to transform into the thirteenth most-appealing end of the line for outside quick financing, according to a late survey by overall guiding firm AT Kearney.
The outcome of the 2014 Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index, which takes in the viewpoints of senior executives from 300 of the world's heading associations in 26, separates countries. South Africa being one of the best performing nations in Africa, investment factors directly favour the company hence allowing it to have as much outlets as it can manage.
Economic Factors
Strong economies have more money being differentiated in a given gathering; there are various financing assumptions that impact retail arrangements, and these need to get explored with a determined eye. One of the best-budgetary parts that impact retail arrangements is occupation open entryways, which particularly prompts the included discretionary pay of people that imagine that it hard to contradict inspiration buying, and who have no issue gathering gigantic charge card commitment to keep up a certain lifestyle. South Africa's economy is seen as "unobtrusively free," being surveyed as the 74th autonomous economy of 177 countries. It is situated sixth, out of 46 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The economic factors in South Africa are quite useful since they have allowed the company to gain popularity and increased the earnings of the company over time (Stevens, 2007).
Target Market Segment Strategy
The target of Domino's pizza is to serve the locals with a grouping of types of foods that they encounter issues finding in one spot at any supportive time. We will serve every ethnic gathering with a blended pack of pieces of foods depending upon their feelings. These business segments get underserved in the noteworthy retail outlets. In South Africa, the potential for the clients to purchase will be higher. Since it has a marginally lower unemployment level as contrasted with other African nations consequently, they can buy our items
Market Needs
Domino’s Pizza needs to ensure that it carries out an effective research on the market needs of various prospective buyers by including its list of preferred products in the brochures that should be distributed to the customers within the shortest time possible. In addition, identifying the market needs will also help the firm in ensuring that it achieves the best competitive advantage strategies that will help in making sure its marketing strategies are effective.
Market Trends
Practicality is basic to the organization's long haul achievement. It has risen up out of the need to certification it continues succeeding inside an unquestionably pressurized and eccentric nature, by making fitting abilities and breaking points. The manageability wander has helped the social event expand a deeper understanding of nature's turf in which it meets expectations, clearing up the specific internal and outside issues most separating to long term viability. Moreover, the approaching examples and change in plans that will help Domino survive is its values and takes after styles and new examples among youngsters (Pliniussen, et al., 2002).
Market Growth
The GDP in South Africa annually was about 0.6 percent during the first three months of 2014 over the past quarter. GDP Growth Proportion in South Africa found the middle value of 3.16 Percent between 1993 and 2014. The growth proportion in South Africa is encouraging since it encourages investors in South Africa. As a result, it is quite imperative to help in ensuring that the market is fully occupied by their products in order to gain access to more customers. Marketing being one of the factors that guide the development of a firm’s products or services, there is need to help in ensuring that the products will lead increase in profitability.
Where do we want to be?
Domino’s competitive position in 3 years’ time
In the next three years, the company aims at covering the best market share and giving the best services to their customers. As a result of intense marketing strategies that involve proper market research and consumer acceptability, the firms aims at being one of ...
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