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English 102. Dracula Essay. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


The question of madness and sanity occurs throughout Dracula, and at one point Van Helsing says, “We are all God’s madmen.” Write an essay that discusses the problem of madness and sanity in the book by focusing on one character who seem to be “mad” and explain how the idea relates to his thoughts and actions. The characters to choose from are Harker, Renfield, Seward, and Van Helsing. DO NOT try to discuss other characters in relation to this topic. Again, a, “So what?” or interesting point will be necessary to raise this into the “superior” essay range.


English 102
7 May 2020
Dracula Essay
In the book "Dracula," by Bram Stoker, character Renfield plays a pivotal role in understanding the mindset of a madman. As a reader, Renfield has somewhat of intricate and innovative nature; as a result, his intricate and innovative nature leads the reader to question Renfield's sanity. Though it’s never told by Dr. Seward, Renfield's background about his up bring or family is not well known. No one knows if he has always been a lunatic or is it solely on his encounter with Dracula that made him insane. There is some crucial evidence that suggests that Renfield is a madman; however, there equally proof that he is sane. One can only question rather a Renfield can be both a madman and rational. Subsequently, what leads a Renfield to go from madman to a reasonable.

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