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Electronic Heath Information Exchange Research Assignment


The Task Required The Writer To Identify Current Federal Initiatives Aimed At Promoting Electronic Health Information Exchange. The Sample Is About Electronic Health Information Exchange.


Electronic Heath Information Exchange
Institutional Affiliation
Electronic Heath Information Exchange
The health information technology enables a secure system whereby large data regarding individual’s health is collected. Once this data is collected, it will help plan and plan future health care. Health information exchange will help empower people and enhance the ability to study about payment and care delivery systems (Ludwick & Doucette, 2009). However, today, electronic health record, telehealth, personal health records, mobile health applications, and remote monitoring technologies are underutilized. In the year 2010, there were very few acute hospitals and physician offices that took advantage of the electronic health records. In the current world, very many customers access their bank details online, while it is only seven percent who use the website to access information regarding their health.
In large hospital settings, policies need to be improved, so that procedures and different operations can run smoothly within the institution. When dealing with electronic health information, providing data security is imperative (Chaudhry 2006). Some of the policies that can be put up in the institution are cloud computing. This ensures that the data that is stored is safe and cannot be compromised. Another policy for data protection that needs to be set up is remote data access which will allow data to be received remotely. There also needs to be an IT risk management plan which will help Identify the potential risks that the data is likely to encounter. This can be done by placing measures such as SSL certificates, password, firewalls, and anti-virus software that will help prevent protect the hospital and the patient's records.
Data that is stored in the hospital systems needs to be regularly monitored. Security are privacy are critical in ensuring that information in the hospitals is authentic including the audits and records. Measuring the quality of data is imperative and can be done by making sure that the data stored is complete. The elements can be improved by providing the data stored unique, and values in the information recorded only appear once. The data also needs to be valid and accurate. The data must also be available when it is needed by a patient or a physician (Gans, Kralewski, Hammons, & Dowd, 2005). Data monitoring will help ensure that data quality rules are executed, and there are also exceptions in the data quality. Data monitoring also allows appropriate notifications to be generated. Data monitoring determines which data quality rules to implement, error threshold, and the frequency.
For the set system to work efficiently, they will need to be assessed to ensure they meet the regulatory requirements. System regulatory requirements play a huge role since they are based on a synthesis of information and the identification that is required (Hesse, Moser & Rutten...
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