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Ethics And Governance In Genetically Modified Food In The U.S.A. (Essay Sample)


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Ethics and Governance in Genetically Modified food production in U.S. Azat Muhammedov Monroe College Abstract Ethics are the moral values that guide persons’ character or the behavior they portray in their day-to-day activities. They are can be referred to moral uprightness. They enable us make sound choices and decisions that affect us individually and the society at large. Therefore, they are exercised throughout all the aspects of human life. Thus, the governing bodies must be in the fore front to ensure that ethics are observed in all aspects of human life, especially from the production to consumption of goods and services. Ethics need to be observed in the production of goods and services. Unethical production of products is harmful to the society. Implementation of policies and procedures is of paramount importance in ensuring that ethical production has been observed. This paper will look at the ethics and governance of the genetically Modified (GM) food products in the United Stated (U.S.). These products are currently in large quantities in the U.S. market, and thus the need to examine the ethics behind their production and the role of the governing agencies in their production. Introduction Ethics are the moral values that guide persons’ character or the behavior they portray in their day-to-day activities CITATION Sim09 \l 1033 (Blackburn, 2009). Happiness in life is directly attached to our behavior which is defined by our moral uprightness. Through ethics, we are able to direct our actions for the best interests of the society. The governing bodies must be in the fore front to ensure that ethics are observed in all aspects of human life, especially from the production to consumption of goods and services. Unethical production of products is harmful to the society. In fact, implementing procedures and policies to adhere to during production of healthy products is not only ethical but also a mandatory legal requirement CITATION Mar18 \l 1033 (Markgraf, 2018). Research shows that the consumption of GM food products is harmful to the consumers’ health as they are exposed to allergies, cancer, liver toxicity, fastened aging, and infertility among others CITATION Iyi16 \l 1033 (Iyizoba, 2016). Further, Iyizoba (2016) states more adverse risks such as the transfer of GM products genes into the body DNA of the consumer which can then be passed to the unborn, and other environmental hazards. Despite these health risks, bio-technology companies in America are actively involved in the production of GM food products for human consumption. Ethical Issues in GM food products in U.S. In the United States, the production of Genetically Modified food products is a commercial activity which is widely seen in the production of corn, alfalfa, potatoes, canola, cotton, sugar beets among other products CITATION Oco15 \l 1033 (Johnson & O'connor, 2015). All these are GM food products. They flood the U.S. market. However, previous research on GM food products shows that they are harmful for human consumption CITATION Iyi16 \l 1033 (Iyizoba, 2016). This implies that the consumers, who form the largest part of the population, are exposed to the stated health risks of the effects of consuming GM products. GM herbicides and pesticides are major environmental pollutants. Among other types of pollution, they cause water pollution. For instance, water tests performed in Spain showed that more than 40% of groundwater had an active ingredient used in the manufacture of Mosanto herbicide called glyphosate CITATION Leo15 \l 1033 (Leornard, 2015). This component in the water is toxic. It makes water unhealthy for human consumption. However, in their lack of awareness consumers consume it. They are exposed to the involved health risks. Bio-technology companies involved in the production of GM products predict even new products in the market such as the GM apple manufactured by a Canadian Bio-technology company. This product has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) CITATION Oco15 \l 1033 (Johnson & O'connor, 2015) despite the claimed healthy risks. This is a clear indication that GM products have gained grounds in the U.S. soil replacing the few existing natural food products. The abundance of the GM food products in the market increases chances of the consumers consuming them. By 2003, it was estimated that 70% to 75% of the food products on the supermarket shelves were GM food products CITATION Dow18 \l 1033 (Down to Earth, n.d.). Obviously, fifteen years later predicts an increased supply of GM food products in the market. With such abundant availability, the consumers are left with only one choice – to embrace GM products irrespective of the healthy and environmental threats. This is unethical. The production of the natural products should be increased to give the consumer the free will to choose from either natural food products or from GM food products otherwise the trend appears as kind of determined what consumers must consume. The government and other responsible agencies have defended that the consumption of GMO products is unhealthy CITATION Bas13 \l 1033 (Bashshur, 2013). Despite the unavoidable facts on the dangers of Gm products such as Mozanto herbicide FDA holds that GM products are harmless and healthy for human use CITATION Cai17 \l 1033 (Dewey, 2017). Dewey (2017), further states that about nine in every ten scientists hold to the idea that GM food products are healthy and have commercial benefits. This is worrying. The side effects have been clearly shown yet counteracting information is at the same time supplied to the public. In addition, FDA has declined controlling GM food production through proper labelling of the products CITATION Bas13 \l 1033 (Bashshur, 2013). Legal issues Human rights and activists movements are actively championing for the labelling of GMO food products before they are supplied in the market place. They have influenced the consumers so much that more than 93% of the US citizens want GMO products to be labelled. Labelling will enable the consumers to identify GM products from non-GM products. They will be responsible for their product choice. However, FDA withholds this freedom from them. It has not passed a policy that governs the Bio-technology companies to label the GM products CITATION FAS \l 1033 (FAS, n.d.). Although the companies may be willing to label the products but they need approval from FDA and other involved agencies. The US senate has not passed a law on the labelling of GM products. Thus, whether labelled or not, the producers are not to be held responsible. There are no implemented policies or procedures that they are required to adhere to as far as GM production is concerned although it is a requirement for other products CITATION Mar18 \l 1033 (Markgraf, 2018). This policy should fairly cut across all the products. This will ensure that there is a guiding policy that controls the production of GM products and their supply in the market place. The FDA holds the claim that GM food products are not materially different CITATION Bas13 \l 1033 (Bashshur, 2013). This claim implies that irrespective of the production means, the end product is similar. However, similar and same are different and thus GM products are different from natural products. Consumer detailed information on the products they consume is of paramount importance. As stated earlier, more than 93% of the consumers want GM products to be labelled. But FDA’s view is that labelling would result to product segregation CITATION Bas13 \...
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