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Evolution of the Human Race (Essay Sample)


The paper was aimed at identifying how the human race is still evolving.


Evolution of the Human Race
Evolution of the Human Race
Evolution is the gradual development of something from a simple to a more complex form, and importantly involving a long process that takes a long period. Many theories have been put in place to explain the present nature and lifestyle of human beings, such as the Darwinian Theory. All these are attempts to explain the mysteriousness of the human life. For a fact, the human race is still evolving. Not only is the human race evolving in terms of body changes, but is also evolving in terms of lifestyle. This essay is an attempt to prove that the human race is still evolving, and to explain the evolution in process (Rushton, 1995).
One main reason that shows that the human race is still evolving is the ever-reducing expectancy age. Even with the present lifestyle and the fact, there is massive exposure to various teratogenic substances; the ceiling age of human life has been reduced gradually over the years. Speaking religiously, life expectancy during the biblical era was at more than 500 years. This has been reduced over the years. The ecology is changing constantly, accompanied by changes in the human genes and chromosomes (Wenseleers et al., 2010). Although some of the people argue that the people of the ancient era did not have improved arithmetic knowledge and ended up miscalculating their knowledge, it is clear that big arithmetic mistakes were unlikely.
The human mind is another area of study that shows a clear evolution in the human race. The human mind is ever increasing in its volume. This is evident with the always-increasing intelligence of human beings. Recent times have seen human beings come up with hi-tech gadgets and material that make the world more connected and coordinated. Automobiles are built with more engine power and greater speed, technological devices with larger output and less input are used in the present society, communication methods that make the world become a practical village; all these proving that the human intelligence and creativity increasing (Taylor, 2010). These technological developments are a clear indication of evolution since they better the life of human beings, and, therefore, making it more complex.
Social evolution is also an important factor when talking about present human evolution. The behavior of human beings has been a subject to change over the years. Things initially dimmed as uncultured and immoral in the human society are slowly being embraced (Rushton, 1995). Issues such as same sex marriage, use of substances of abuse, some music types that were formerly immoral and picture motions that portray negative aspects of human beings have easy reception in the society. There is little restraint and restrictions among human beings on issues that were formerly unheard-of (Wenseleers et al., 2010). The Muslim community, one of the most conservative communities in the world, is also caught up in this social evolution wind. With the frequent castigation from the global ...
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