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Electromagnetic: Force on Conductors in Magnetic Field (Essay Sample)


This is an electromagnetic paper


Electromagnetic: force on conductors in magnetic field
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Magnetic force acting on a current can be established by adding the magnetic force acting on each charge that contributes to the current.When an electric wire is exposed to a magnet, the current being carried in the wire will be affected by a magnetic field. The consequence often comes in form a force. The magnetic force expression can be identified by summing the magnetic force on each charge. The forces can often be added given that they all run in one particular direction. The paper is discussion on the force of conduction in a magnetic field. The aim of the experiments conducted is to determine the relationship between force and various parameters such as the length of the conductor, the strength of the field, the angle between the current and the field and the strength of the current (Namjoshi and Biringer, 2009). Lorentz force equation is as follows F = q (E + (V XB)). F stands for Force (N), q charge (C), V is the velocity (m/s), B is the magnetic flux density (T) and finally V stands for electric fields. Based on before lab question, the equation is
F = BLI sin (θ) where B stands for magnetic flux density (T), θ is the angle (degrees), L is the length of the wire (m) and F represent the force.
The last question is about the following equation F= mg where F is the force (N), m is the mass. The gravitational field value is 9.80665 (m/s)2
The experiment utilized a current balance that was set using a set up that will be made up of an arm, stand, Coil, or PCB, balance, two types of magnet and a power supply (5A). When current coming from the power supply is passed into the circuit board that is sitting on magnetic field being generated by the magnets, the force created is transferred to the balance. The force can often be determined though adjusting the balance to measure the effective weight. The method was to fix three parameters to the principles provided. In addition, measure the force while varying each of the parameters as well as plot the variation of the force against the parameters. The current was to be adjusted on the power supplied by utilizing the limiting facility of the current supplied. The voltage control should be adjusted to 5V, the DC output should be short circuited with one of the leads, the maximum current should be set to 1amp by utilizing the current adjust control, the short circuit should be removed, the circuit for the experiment should be well connected with the chosen current set by utilization the current adjust control. The voltage control should not be changed. The figure below is a set up that can be used to study force on conductors in a magnetic field.

 D F

A Stand
B Arm
C Power supply
D PCB or coil
E magnet
F Balance
Figure 1: Current balance set up.
The table below is a table of varying current from 0-4 A with magnetic field (6 magnets), constant length of 40mm and an angle of 900
Current X (amps A)Measured weight (grams g)Magnet weight (grams g)Effective weight (grams g)Force Y (newtons N)0168g168g0g0N1168.3g168g0.3g0.00294N2168.45g168g0.45g0.00441N3168.8g168g0.8g0.00784N4168.95g168g0.95g0.00931N
Graph of current from 0-4 against force with magnetic field, angle 900
and a constant length of 40mm

Figure 2 is a table of varying length from 0-80 millimeters, with an angle of 900
, magnetic field provided by six magnetic and with a constant current 2.5 A.
Current length field angle (millimetres mm)Measured weight (grams g)Magnet weight (grams g)Effective weight (grams g)Force Y (newtons N)0168g168g0g0N20168.35g168g0.35g0.00343N40168.65g168g0.65g0.00637N60168.85g168g0.85g0.00833N80 169.1g168g1.1g0.01078NThe graph of varying length 0-80 mm against force with magnetic fields, an angle of 900
and constant current of 2.5 A

Figure three is a table of varying magnetic fields ranging from 0 to 6 magnets with current of 2.5A, an angle of 900 and a constant length of 40mm
Field X (magnets)Measured weight (grams g)Magnet weight (grams g)Effective weight (grams g)Force Y (newtons N)085.45g85.45g0g0N2114.4g114.1g0.3g0.00294N4141.6g141.1g0.5g0.0049N6168.65g168g0.65g0.00637NThe graph below is a graph of varying magnetic field from 0-6 magnets against force with current 2.5A, angle 90 and constant length 40mm

The table below is a representation of varying length of the magnets -900
to + 900 with current 2.5A, magnetic field (6 magnets) and a constant length of 40mm
Angle X
(degrees Measured weight (grams g)Magnet weight (grams g)Effective weight (grams g)Force Y (newtons N)-9070.3g70.30g0N-6070.85g70.30.55g0.00539N-3071.25g70.30.95g0.00931N071.470.31.1g0.01078N3071.25g70.30.95g0.0931N6070.85g70.30.55g0.00539N9070.370.300NThe graph below is a graph of varying magnetic angles from -90 to +90 with current 2.5A, magnetic fields (6 magnets) and constant length 40mm

The first graph is a graph of current against force, the increase in current result to an increase I the force. The second graph is a graph of length of the electric current against the force generated. The increase in the length of the conductor results to a corresponding increase in the force. The third graph is about force against magnetic field. The force is increased with the increase in magnetic fields (LAURMANN and SHOENBERG, 2011). The last graph is that of the magnetic angle against force. At 300 the force is at its highest at 0.931N. The equation for force against current F = 0.0093I- 0.00001
Where F= Force (A) and I is equal to current (A)
For the graph of force against length of the conductor F= 0.136L-0.0002
Where L= length (m) while F= Force (N)
In the graph of magnetic field against force, F= 0.0018B + 0.00032
Where; F= Force (N) while B is the magnetic flux density (T)
In the graph of force against angle of magnetic position, X F = BLI sin ...
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