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Modern Approaches in Language Teaching in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Essay Sample)


this paper was a short synthesis paper I made for my methods of literature and language teaching course for my graduate studies.
This paper provides a synthesis of four different approaches to Language Learning, contextualized in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. these four approaches are: Community Language Learning, Cooperative Language Learning, Multiple Intelligence Approach, and the Task-Based Approach.


LLESES, CANDICE FAYE KRISTEN | Master of Arts in English
Modern Approaches in Language Teaching in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
With the world changing at a much more accelerated rate than ever before, the need to integrate technology in education has become more and more apparent. In the first world, the sudden rise of demand of online classes has led to even Ivy League schools to put up their own courses online for everyone to see in platforms like EdX and Class Central. Even the Asian education market is not lagging behind, with the higher career projection often related to having good English skills, the English As a Second Language (ESL) and English As a Foreign Language (EFL) industries have seen massive demands for online classes in countries like China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. This trajectory is expected to go higher and higher in the next 10 years.[]
Finally seeing the economic and sociopolitical potential of digital technologies, open sourced content in this technology-driven world, even basic education curriculums around the globe are also catching up with the trends, with governments finally including 21st century learning, methods, and technology in the classroom. In higher education, for example, more and more universities in the Philippines have started to provide ways to cater to and encourage remote learning using platforms like Zoom, Google Classrooms and LMS Blackboard.

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