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Gun Crisis in America Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


this assignment was to create an essay about a controversial topic


Gun crisis in America: Defending or attacking the second amendment?
By: Angel Ramos
A disputable issue on colleges and universities are students who are in confrontation about politics, specially about gun usage. Some people say the they should be totally abolished since there is no civil need for their usage, others say that it needs to perform background checks before making a sell. There is a tremendous group of Americans who would be totally enraged if they take their guns away from them because according to these individuals, it will violate their beloved second amendment.
Gun control, if performed correctly, would reduce crime in a drastic way. However, that would be unreal and impossible due to the interest groups and lobbyists that are wandering around Washington to push for their purposes and interests. It would become a crisis and a depth division in the American people,

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