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Scientific Law of Human Behavior (Essay Sample)


3 sources Can there be scientific laws of human behavior and society? At least three citations are required (APA format), and the essay must be proofed and double-spaced. Please with good grammar and good word choice. And most importantly a good idea!


To be able to ascertain human behavior and social systems, the concept of free-will has to be dissected. To some degree, predictability of collective human behavior and actions involving many people acting together in a particular way, has been improved. For example, scientific models that predict market crashes, ethnic clashes among other forms of mass action have been built. Collective behavior therefore is more predictable than individual behavior. The reason as to why coming up with scientific models to predict human behavior has mainly been due to the concept of freewill. Yaneer Bar-Yam defines freewill as "the ability to exercise control over one’s actions, decisions or choices" (Bar-Yam, Y, 2013). Under similar circumstances, two different human beings are bound to take different courses of action over an issue. This may be due to cultural or other difference in values between humans. It makes constructing a scientific prediction model that can be used globally difficult.
Physical paths in the brain have been known to dictate human behavior. Studies have been conducted and the human brain has been found to be a reciprocating structure. The environment in which individuals live determines to a significant degree, the decision making process and preferences made by people from a region. Over time, the brain is trained to favor certain decision making paths. This, repeated over generations in an environment, results into a more predictable pattern of taking action by a group of people in a common location.( McLeay, J, 2013)
Human behavior can be predicted with sufficient precision when enough background information is available. Depending on where an individual lives, works, plays and / or spends his time, besides other recursive life parameters, coupled up with behavior from the past, behavior is highly predictable. Therefore it is widely accepted that the essence of non-predictability in free-will aspect of the decision making process is in fact individual differences between people. The differences are what diversifies the outcome of decisions made by people.
With deeper scrutiny and study, there is a high likelihood that a dependable scientific model can be constructed to explain human behavior and societal dynamics. However this is a venture that would require vast amount of resources, time and expertise. There are challenges inherent in the procedure of attempting to collect data to be used in the discovery of such scientific laws and the construction of predictive and corrective models. A major challenge is the ethical aspect of studying human behavior, brain and actions. When studying animals for instance, the dissection, operation, even killing them is possible, since they are expendable. But the when studying human brain activity and tissues, it is not possible to remove some tissues and analyzing what happens next. (Lutus, P, 2013)This is because humans are not expendable. Studies have to be conducted on animals and the results collected extrapolated on humans using corresponding parameters. Therefore, coming up with accurate solutions becomes a challenge too. Some efficient walk-around strategies are used, like the study of...
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