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Human Resource Management: Experience with Unions (Essay Sample)


Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management
Part 1
Joining Unions
Employees join labour unions because they believe through unity, they will be able to get fair treatment and be protected against the management’s whims. Labour unions enable employees to acquire input and decision making power as opposed to the management holding the universal authority. The existence of the labour unions has led to improved wages, reduced workweek, as well as making the workplaces safer for its members.
Unionization of employees leads to various advantages; workers experience more jobs security as they play part in decision making. Members also have rights to file their issues including complains and grievances through their union representatives who have authority to present and negotiate them with employees’ management. Unions also ensure proper working condition for their members. Employees also enjoy steady increase in their benefits such as sick leaves, paid vacation time and health coverage.
Disadvantages: High charges from unions, lose of a certain degree of autonomy for employees when they join the Unions, serious strikes when unions disagree with the management, and employees being bound by the union even when they disagree with the unions decisions (Mathis, & Jackson, 2009).
Experience with Unions
I have been a member’s a labour union and I have a very positive attitude towards the unions. Despite the fact that there are drawbacks associated with unions their advantages outweigh the drawbacks. Since I joined the labour union I have been receiving steady promotions and benefits which I never used to have initially. Last year I went for two week paid vacation and this made me embrace the change that was brought about by joining the union.
Good Faith
Good-faith refers to as a duty of parties who meet to negotiate at specific reasonable times and are willing to reach into an agreement on matters which are within their scope of representation (Mathis, & Jackson, 2009). In this case, no party is required to make any concession or to agree any proposal. Some of the examples which shows violation of the good faith bargaining are: inadequate concessions, surface bargaining imposing conditions, inadequate proposal, and withholding information as well as ignoring bargaining terms of the employees.
Impasse occurs in an event where parties are unable to agree towards a settlement. Mediation is an intervention process in which a reasonable and neutral third party attempts to assist the main principals into reaching an agreement. Strike generally refers to withdrawal of labour. An impasse can be overcome through mediation, arbitration, by fact-finders and through economic pressure generated from the strikes and lock-outs
Part 2
Supervisor’s role
Supervisor’s role in safety refers to making the workplace safe and equipping workers with high desires of working safely. The supervisor also enforces the safety rules and regulations to ensure that tasks are carried out in a manner that no one’s health, security, or safety is jeopardized.
Hotel Paris case
The first step should be training its workers on the health and safety activities. Training should be made a recurrent system designed in a way that encourages strict limitation of all kinds of workplace hazards.
High Risk Areas That Should Be Considered
Lisa and her a group should first look at the following: Asbestos exposure, poor layout, lack of proper emergency plan, rules and regulation with a postage signage, absence of preventive Maintenance log, slip and fall floor, fire risk in the Guest rooms, hotel kitchen, and laundry rooms. Examples of the safety hazards which Lisa and her group should first look at are, occupational hazards such as acute trauma experienced by workers in the kitchen, germs-safety hazards in hotels, alcoholism, and fire hazards which is the main safety hazard in most hotel guest rooms.
Some of the most effective practices which the HR can employ include:
Training: Through training, workers are able to focus on the overall welfare of the clients hence increasing the client’s confidence on the hotel services.
Motivation: The HR can achieve health and safety s...
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