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Sharron parker is one of the most celebrated arts figures in the world. She is a studio artist who emanates from Raleigh in North Carolina. Sharron is said to have been born in Ithaca, a city in New York. Sharron is said to have attained these artistic capabilities back in 1980 after she saw felts, which were dated 2,500 years in Siberia in an archeological dig. This is the aspect that has made her have a different approach regarding mediums, surface texture, creating, and wall pieces putting their emphasis on color. This is an aspect that made her turn to felting. Felting is a textile that is non-woven produced by condensing, matting, and pressing of fibers together.
A felt can be made of materials like synthetic fibers, which may include acrylic, and natural fiber like wool. Felts are of different types including technical, industrial, designer, and graft application. Felts can be sometimes soft, but there are those, which are strong enough to constitute as construction materials. Felts are said to vary differently in terms of color, fiber content, size, density, factors determining the use of the felt, and thickness. Sharron is said to have had many exhibits all over the world including Armenia, USA, and Turkmenistan. Sharron is also accredited to teaching in various conferences throughout eastern US.
Sharron is said to have acquired a degree from the University of Duke, and masters from North Carolina University at Greensboro where she studied arts, education and interior design. Sharron is said to have continued her education in textiles studies in the school of craft and arts, at penland and arrowmont. Later in 1980, Sharron started making felts where she combed wool in searing water until the locking of the fiber. This provided her with a chance to do as other artists were doing. During the last 32 years, Sharron has been developing her own approaches to this medium, creating pieces of the wall with an emphasis in surface texture and color.
Sharron is said to work with wools in a manner that is equivalent to how a painter does with paint. Sharron uses some few primary colors, where she merges them together leading to a creation of new colors. Sharron uses a palette, which is a drum carder, which she uses to comb together the wool colors. The wall drapes, ranges in size from small to large work, which can be wide than 7 feet. Sharron explains that she uses this procedure as a way of crafting something original and not what she has seen. The shape allocated to a piece may emanate as a result of seeing bird’s wing or from colors, which emanates from crystals placed underneath a microscope, texture originating from the bi...
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