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Interview Question (Essay Sample)


The article deals with the effects of music.


Interview Question.
Music is the arrangement of different tones to come up with a consistent beat that is appealing to the ears of the intended listeners.
Origin of music
The origin of music is a phenomenon yet to be unraveled. Richard Parncutt, a professor of music systemology proposes the idea that music originated from "motherese" –the tones mothers use while conversing with infants. There exist many other explanations as to the origins of music.
Music lovers are all over the world. However, there exist different kinds of genres in music that appeal to different people. Our different social classes and our friends influence the different types of taste in music, to name but a few.
Music has been gradually developing with technology and today, music producers have a wider knowledge, variety of instruments and expertise to produce excellent music. Music will continue to evolve with technology and more genres will suffice.
Impact of Different kinds of Music
Music affects a lot in our lives. It controls our moods and performance. Music can even be used as a therapy Parkinsonism; this is through exposure to regular tempo and rhythm of music.
Music appeals to our emotions and thus our emotions are determined by the kind of music that we listen to.
A research carried out by Altern ther med 1998;4(1) 75-84) on the effects of four different type of music genres prove that music influences our emotions.
Grunge rock: people who listened to this music portrayed an increase in hostility, sadness, tension and fatigue.
Designer music; this is music put together to appeal to a target audience. The listeners recorded an increase in caring, relaxation, and mental clarity.
Results of new age music and classical music are mixed.

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