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Lady Macbeth (Essay Sample)


This paper required an analysis of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” by focusing on how the greed and ambition of Macbeth affects her feelings. The paper needed 1 source.


Lady Macbeth
Lady Macbeth
Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” displays a character guided by greed, power and ambition. Lady Macbeth assumes a strong, ambitious character ready to take up any measures to ascend to power. She displays love for her husband and uses their relationship to manipulate him to achieve her goals, which ultimately affects her feelings (“Lady Macbeth: A character study from Shakespeare's Macbeth”, n.d.).
Lady Macbeth suppresses her feelings in favor of power, greed and ambition to become the queen. When she finds out that her husband is destined to become a king, she plots to murder King Duncan so that her husband could get to power. Lady Macbeth has some doubts that her husband can become a king since Duncan has sons. However, she pushes these feelings away and plots the murder. She proclaims, “Come, thick night”, inviting darkness which symbolizes evil, to become powerful. Lady Macbeth further suppresses her feelings by asking the “spirits” to take away her femininity so that she could become a man. She cries, “Unsex me here” since she feels that a woman cannot do certain things like a man. She needed the masculinity to accomplish her desire of murdering King Duncan so that her husband succeeded (“Lady Macbeth: A character study from Shakespeare's Macbeth”, n.d.).
Lady Macbeth’s love for her husband is depicted in the story, and she uses her influence to convince him to kill Duncan. She destroys all feelings of remorsefulness when her husband hesitates in agreeing with her plans. The woman fears that her compassionate nature, “too full o'th'milk of human kindness”, would hinder him from accomplishing the murder. When her husband changes his mind about killing King Duncan, Lady Macbeth shows no compassion and calls him a coward. She still tries to convict him to murder the king (“Lady Macbeth: A character study from Shakespeare's Macbeth”, n.d.).
Later, Lady Macbeth’s greed and ambition make her feel guilty because of the at...
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