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Leadership Diary (Essay Sample)

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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Leadership: a personal perspective Human beings are often referred to as social animals. This being the case, leadership is an essential part of the modern society. Leadership is what ensures that there is peace and order in a community. Leadership could be in different forms with the most common from being political leadership. Departmental heads as well as team leaders in a school setting are some of the other forms of leadership that we are likely to interact with on a daily basis. More often than not we often interact with these forms of leadership with or without our knowledge. On a personal level, I tend to interact with many different forms of leadership on a daily basis. Take an instance of a family; it is the role of my father to ensure that the family is well taken care of. Among others, he has to ensure that the family is healthy. In addition, he has to provide for the family. Despite the fact that my mother assists in this role, I must say that as the head of the family, my father does a pretty good job. He is also responsible for ensuring that, we, as his children have access to quality education. This is also an area that he has been able to tackle very well. In as much as it is it is a requirement by the government I still feel that he is able to manage this role just fine. With all said and done, he is also a role model for the whole family. The president also serves a similar task as a father only that this time it is at the na...
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