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Positive and negative leadership examples (Essay Sample)


Positive Leadership Examples
1. Establishing and maintaining an open, honest, and respectful environment.
2. Developing a clear vision and mission for the team.
3. Setting achievable goals and objectives that everyone is held accountable to.
4. Encouraging collaboration and teamwork.
5. Listening and responding to feedback.
6. Taking initiative and providing innovative solutions.
7. Recognizing and rewarding individual and team successes.
8. Being a role model and inspiring others to achieve their best.
9. Promoting diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity.
10. Supporting employees’ professional development.
Negative Leadership Examples
1. Fostering an environment of fear and intimidation.
2. Not setting clear goals or expectations.
3. Making decisions without considering the input of others.
4. Not rewarding good performance.
5. Not providing adequate resources or support.
6. Not listening to feedback and criticism.
7. Not taking responsibility for mistakes or failures.
8. Blaming others for the team’s shortcomings.
9. Not sharing credit for successes.


Describe positive and negative leadership examples in APA formatting style (550 words)
Positive Leadership Example
Positive leadership is a style of leadership that focuses on motivating and inspiring employees to reach their goals. This type of leadership looks to create a positive environment in which employees are given the tools to succeed and feel appreciated for their efforts. One example of a positive leadership style is transformational leadership. Transformational leaders are those who are able to inspire others to achieve goals by motivating and empowering them. These leaders create a supportive atmosphere in which employees feel they can take risks and be successful. Transformational leaders also focus on developing relationships with team members to foster trust and understanding. By creating an environment in which employees feel valued, these leaders are able to build a successful team. (Dumitru, et al., 2018).
Negative Leadership Example
On the other hand, negative leadership is a style of leadership that focuses on criticism and negative reinforcement. This type of leadership looks to create an environment of fear and insecurity in which employees are not given the tools to succeed. An example of a negative leadership style is autocratic leadership. Autocratic leaders are those who are focused on maintaining absolute control

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