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Mark Zuckerberg as a Transformational Leader (Essay Sample)


WRITING A reaction paper about a contemporary leader (someone you know personally or a public figure) and the leadership behaviors you think this person demonstrates. I also had to identify which of the Leadership Grid styles is demonstrated by the leader, and support your position with specific examples. finally, i discussed how the style approach would be a useful way to understand this person’s leadership.


Contemporary Leader
Student’s Name
Contemporary Leader
A contemporary leader is a leader who applies personal influence in their leadership style to develop and motivate individuals to work for the interest of their organization while driving change in their community. This is contrary to a traditional leader who focuses on who works fast, puts in most hours, as well as worked the hardest, among other non-contemporary characteristics. An example of a contemporary leader in the public domain is Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is a transformational leader, who demonstrates a team approach of the Leadership Grid.

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