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Notion and Components of Manifest Destiny (Essay Sample)


The paper discussed the Notion and Components of Manifest Destiny, its commencement, actual period, and the end of it.
The paper also contains the major components of manifest destiny, and the effects it implicated on the subjects in the country.
The componets were discussed in detail, along with the actions taken during the time.


Notion and Components of Manifest Destiny
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Notion and Components of Manifest Destiny
Manifest Destiny was a term used in 1845 by John Lewis O’Sullivan, a New York newspaper editor. It described the belief that the U.S. expansion in the North American continents was divine, inevitable, and justified. The United States aimed to expand its dominion and form of democracy and freedom across the regions of interest. The attitude prompted the justification of the forceful removal and violent execution of the native population due to the territorial expansion ( Editors, 2010). The events led to the escalation of slavery, which provoked the Civil 

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