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Paul's Arrest (Essay Sample)


Analysis of Paul’s Arrest


Paul’s Arrest  
Date: 1st March, 2011
When Paul and his members entered Jerusalem, they were warmly welcomed by the church. The elders met with Paul and the rest of his disciples, and were happy at Paul’s complete statement. (Ian J. 2009) Paul received a message that some information had reached the Jewish believers in Jerusalem, this made them doubt Paul’s doctrinal place and look at his ministry with some concern. They said that Paul instructed Jewish Christians to abandon their law and Jewish ritual altogether, and to become converted into Gentiles. (Ian J. 2009)
During the Jewish council, the elders told Paul that they had concluded that the Gentiles did not have to convert to Jews for them to accept Jesus Christ into their lives. They suggested that he pray openly in the church to show that he had agreed to this.
As Paul’s time of adoration in the temple was impending, some Asian Jews saw Paul with Trophimus a gentile from Ephesus, whom they knew was associated to him and wrongly fulfilled that Paul was with him in the temple, and was commendable of death. Right away these Asian Jews, present in Jerusalem for a short time, called upon their elders (Acts verse 28 King James Version) to come help them. Unrest ensued, and Paul was ruthlessly beaten.
Was it not for the commander Paul would have been killed. The commander rushed there not hoping to save him but to capture an Egyptian revolutionary who had led 4,000 assassins into the wilderness (Acts 21:38 King James Version). The mob stopped beating Paul and they pretended to be law-abiding citizens. Paul was chained and when he was been taken to the barracks, he asked the commander for permission to address the crowd. The commander was shocked on learning that Paul was not an Egyptian revolutionary he thought he was, then again, he was speaking in Greek and the commander learnt that he was a Cilician Jew and permission to address the crowd granted. (Ian J. 2009)
The speech was not convincing, instead it sent the crowd into rage. The crowd was throwing dust in the air while baying for his blood. Paul is taken to the barracks where he is examined by flogging and there is where the commander learns that not only Paul is a Jew but also a Roman citizen by birth. Paul appears before the Jewish Sanhedrin the following day for his trials.
Another disaster brewed when he appeared for trial because he knew a group of Jewish men whom he did not agree with in most areas was trying him. When he identified himself as a Pharisee, believer in the resurrections of the dead the council became spited and the trial became chaotic. The general transported Paul to prisoner under protective custody for fare that his life was in greater danger. This was all happening because Paul was a trustworthy man who was worthy before God and man, and he freely mingled with both the Jews and the Gentiles who were hated because the Jews thought that they were closer to God than any other person in Jerusalem
Just as the Lord had done in Jerusalem, he appeared to Paul and gua...
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