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Political Instability (Essay Sample)


Write a 2 page essay on political instability


Political Instability
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In a world that is increasingly growing strange and rather inhuman, authors are turning to their paper and ink in a bid to expose the circumstance, hoping against hope that things might change some day. Huge numbers of horrifying incidences are reported everyday around the world, with many parties and groups fighting for space and trying to fulfill their inner desires. In this case, no one really cares who they hurt or who they deprive of a decent way of living. As a consequence, the weak in the society and the common man are the ones who end up suffering. Human beings have varying goals, opinions and points of view. Each person or group fights to have its way, and in the process, collisions are inevitable. The implication here is that conflict is and will continue being part of human life for as long as man shall live. The situation is even made worse the constantly high population growth rate especially in the developing world. The rift between different people, races and parties continues to widen. In Hassan Blasim’s masterpiece “The Reality and the Record”, we witness such a situation where horror, secrets, blood and pain is the order of the day. A heart renting scenario is created in Iraq, where law and order seem to exist only in the dictionary. A combination of forces, including the military and jihad groups are out to destroy each other at the expense of the citizens.
The transformation that comes out of this story is the graduation of the living styles of the Iraq people from a free world to a point where the interactions and the bombardment of several forces is what really dictates their daily lives. We learn that since the fall of the previous government, Iraq has become a war nation, where crimes are committed and people killed in a bid to make one’s voice be heard. The confessions made by the ambulance driver expose really rotten institutions. Being an ambulance driver normally entails saving lives and helping others. However, in this situation, the ambulance was actually being used to kill more people and hide the facts. As the title of the story points out, there is the record, what the wider audience sees and hears through the media, and the reality on the ground, which is known just to a few.
The process of transformation entails daily encounters with horror and injustice. Many of the ...
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