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Professional Reflection Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Professional Reflection


Professional Reflection
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Professional Reflection
Despite the challenges I faced while preparing for the capstone, the overall experience was that it was educating and changed my perception of how to conduct research. I felt that it taught me the importance of digging deeper into the knowledge I know and building on it through research and analysis of studies conducted by other researchers. It also gave me an opportunity of applying all the knowledge I have gained over the time I have been studying at SNHU.
The capstone was significant to various aspects I learned throughout the course. Since I joined SNHU, my aim has always been to manage an organization in a top management position. My passion is in administration and engaging in the formulation of strategic goals. It made me reflect on the characteristics that can help me to become an effective executive. I gained adequate knowledge information about how each unit relates to each other, and the application of this information in the management of an organization. Also, I was able to acknowledge the importance of each unit's content towards becoming a successful professional in the future.

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