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A good Communicator (Essay Sample)


This essay is about a good communicator. it explains various factors and elements a person hshould consider to become a good communictor. some of the factors one should include in his or her communication are good listening skills, observation skills, target audience, the topic in descussion, and the message intended to deliver to the audience.


A Good Communicator
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A Good Communicator
Effective communication skills typically play are critical to success in many aspects of human life since many jobs require individuals to have strong communication skills. Having good communication and listening skills enables you to enjoy a better interpersonal relationships with your friends, families, and workmates. Some people, especially new teachers, find it difficult to know where to start and how to communicate with their senior workmates effectively. However, I have learned that the four main communication skills that both assistant teachers and teachers need to do well to improve their communication include non-verbal communication, listening, questioning, emotional awareness, and managing.
To begin with, listening is one of the most common is that people need to do well to become a good communicators. Every person tends to forget that communication involves issuing a message and listening to the response. People often do not listen to others in a conversation but keep thinking about what they need to say next, making others feel uncomfortable. Bayley, Chambers, and Donovan (2018) argue that improving our listening skills is likely to pay off in improving our relationships at work. This can be improved by using techniques of reflection and clarification not only to confirm what others have said but also to avoid any confusion that may affect our communication with others.
Another area that individuals need to do well to become a good communicator is understanding non-verbal communication better. Since much of the messages are communicated non-verbally, it is vital to consider non-verbal communication because it covers many things, including body movement, tone and pitch of the voice, posture, physiological changes, eye contact, and facial expression (Bayley, Chambers, & Donovan, 2018). As a communicator, observing these non-verbal communications enables you to understand others better, and your message is conveyed effectively.
Another area to consider is having the ability to understand and manage our emotions properly. Human beings have different ways of feeling and reacting, which affects their working relationship differently. Many workers easily fall into the trap of thinking that everything they do should be logical. However, that emotion has no place because we are human, and none of us leaves our emotions at home. Having a better understanding of our emotions covers a wide range of skills, including self-regul

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