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Social stratification (Essay Sample)


Challenges and Solution to Build Proper Security Beliefs/Culture/Awareness in Information Security


Social stratification
In every organization, be it public or private, data that pertain to its operations is a very important thing to that organization. These data and other resources need to be protected. Every organization needs to develop and maintain a culture of security awareness that will help the organization detect any defects and threats early enough.Awareness and knowhow are among the many information security issues faced by any organization or institution today. Those who use the internet and technology in general must accept and understand that it comes with its own risks. Awareness of such risks will further help in using these advancements carefully. It is, however, not possible to protect and avoid every threat, but if one is in able to recognize any warning signs, threats can be dealt with at an early stage.Individuals and organizations have a responsibility and duty to manage risks that are associated with storage of information in their data base and in computer files. Such individuals should be aware of the actual information in their files and maintain only what is necessary. Information security depends a lot on people: Not only those who defend systems but also those who attack systems. In every organization, there exist cultures that tend to control the activities of such an organization. These are practices related to societal culture and comprise of many intangible things, such as beliefs, assumptions, behaviors, values and assumptions. Organizational culture acts as a social force that makes people act. It contributes a lot to the activities that can be observed and seen.Patterns of beliefs and assumptions continue to persist in an organization. One is led into making poor decisions due to lack of awareness or ignorance of emerging changes and new ways o doing things. Such decisions are likely to be influenced by decisions that succeeded in the past. With continuously repeated use, some practices become basic to an organization and form a culture.When an organization has a very strong culture, it faces a lot of setbacks when it is making changes needed towards adopting new information technologies. The culture tends to control how things are done and people develop a tendency of rigidity towards changes. Culture and beliefs play a significant role towards making a good choice on the best information security strategy adopt. Some organizations still clinch on the traditional approaches while many organizations find this as less effective. However, creativity and innovativeness should be highly encouraged. A good information security system should relate to the way employees and the management evaluates and perceives the basis of truth and their ability to be rational about their differing beliefs.In order to safeguard corporate assets, creation of security policies and subsequent communication of those policies to employees is very important CITATION Her07 \l 2057 (Tavani, 2007). This gives employees formal awareness of any changes within and makes compliance very easy. This...
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