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sociologySociology. An analysis of police brutality. Essay (Essay Sample)


An analysis of police brutality


Police Brutality
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Across the globe, many cases have been reported by the media concerning the brutality of police forces. Human rights activities and media platforms have continuously researched on this topic and published articles and papers that fully analyze and handle the sector of police brutality. Although many of the governments where cases of police brutality have been reported have intensively denied the concern that their police forces are using force on citizens, the established sources by the media fraternity have shown that these governments deny the truth.
The legal definition of police brutality is the act whereby police officers use undue or excessive force against a civilian. This is a practice that is practiced by police forces in many democratic and undemocratic countries across the globe. Human rights associations and organizations across the globe have aired their views to these violations against civilians. As aforementioned, it has been a race against the truth by the police forces in these countries deny the information that shows that their police forces have used undue or excessive force against its civilians (Zoorob, 2020).

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