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Sonny's Blues (Essay Sample)


An analysis of James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues”.


Sonny's Blues
Sonny's Blues
Music was very instrumental in Sony's life. As the title of the story depicts, the story line is inclined along musical conventions that inspired Sony, as well as his behavior. Sony's major role model in the musical industry, Charlie Parker, is the first musician to break loose out of ordinary musical conventions and to form an independent musical expression (Baldwin, 1993). It is clear that Sony's decision to pursue music was not welcome to his brother. The major reason being that his behavior, including his drug problem, was a trait he acquired from his music role model Charlie Parker, who also had a drug problem (Baldwin, 1993). Sony felt trapped and utilized music to help him get freedom from the ordinary social conventions of the time. His music, Bebop, is the kind that encourages radical originality and freedom of expression (Baldwin, 1993).
Musicians such as Charlie Parker lived in New York during the post World War II. During this time, New York was a form of a cultural Capital, with musicians of all walks of life converging to form a cultural and political revolution (Baldwin, 1993). This story depicts the social, cultural and political transformation of American life, especially black Americans.
Although Sonny and his brother have a rocky relationship, they eventually display...
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