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The Art of Persuasion (Essay Sample)


The paper explores the art of persuasion and its essence today

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15th May 2014
The art of persuasion is one that has continued to amaze me in this life. Persuasion is simply influencing ones belief and ideology to align with yours. In other words, you convince or are convinced on a particular ideology. Last week, there are a number if insights that I gained in the process of learning. First and foremost, I learnt that there is a persuasive language that must be deployed in this art. When one is out to convince another person, he or she must put out his ideas in a language that is attractive to the listener. Secondly, it takes confidence and adequate knowledge to persuade an individual
There is a time in life I feel I was particularly persuasive. This is when my parents wanted to take me to college. From the very onset, they had decided to take for a nursing course. Nevertheless, I was not comfortable. I had to apply the art of persuasion to convince them. I constantly explained to them why the English course I was to pursue was better placed than the nursing course. I would further cite the example of my friends who had pursued the course and ended up successful. In due time my parents gave in to my reasoning and accepted to take me to the college I wanted.
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