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The Wolf of the Wall Street Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


film analysis and criticism


The Wolf of the Wall Street
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The Wolf of the Wall Street
The Wolf of the Wall Street is a 2013 American biographical black crime comedy film written by Terence Winter and directed by Martin Scorsese. The movie revolves around the 2007 memoir dubbed The wolf of the wall street by Jordan Belfort.
In The Wolf of the Wall Street, Jordan Belfort and his business associate, Donny Azoff, establish a brokerage company called Stratton Oakmont during the early '90s. The firm grows so fast that it employs more than 250 staff members. However, as the company's reputation grows on Wall Street, the federal government becomes aware of the fraud and corruption that goes on there. That leads to the inevitable downfall.
Film Summary
The Wolf of the Wall Street conveys a direct message, that wealth can change people for the worst, by satirizing Belfort. This is because Belfort used to be a good person, as he looked after his wife and never indulged in drugs before he became wealthy. His success is built on fraud, and it changes him after realizing he earns 50% of the company money for every penny stock (Belfort, 2011). Therefore, he starts selling awful stocks for higher prices. However, as his money increases, Belfort is overwhelmed by the wealth and power. He becomes a womanizer, and drugs play a major in his life. For instance, in the first scene, Belfort declared he loved all kinds of drugs, especially Quaaludes (Belfort, 2011).

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