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Significant Theories and Models of Learning (Essay Sample)


The introduction of various educational ideologies impacts how teachers think about learning processes, teaching, transfer, and sequencing of information to learners. Behaviorism focuses on observable behavior changes, while constructivism emphasizes creating knowledge from experiences. Operant conditioning techniques suggest that new behaviors come in because of various consequences, while the constructivism behavioral technique model helps understand changes in the students' thinking. Both concepts foster development and improve behavioral aspects, which helps enhance learning. Teachers need to understand these concepts to facilitate efficient learning.


Significant Theories and Models of Learning
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Significant Theories and Models of Learning
The introduction of various ideologies impacts how teachers think about learning processes, readiness, teaching, transfer, and sequencing of information to the learners in the learning environment. Psychologically, various educational ideologies within different concepts and theories from educational psychology are consistent in helping teachers solve various issues within the classroom teaching for efficient learning. With various concepts and theories developed by the educational psychologist, teachers can understand the learning processes, which helps fix the learners. Therefore, understanding the concepts of learning models helps instructors understand learners and realize ways to enrich the desired outcome. Through the learning process, observable behaviors of the learners change with the intensity increased in the introduction of new concepts and ideologies.
A perspective that usually occurs on learning is behaviorism which focuses on the observable behavior of different individuals and the changes in what they typically say or do. People focus on the occurrence of the actual action rather than the process that initiates change in the behavior. For example, when one gets to purchase a laptop for the first time, the focus is more on the ability to operate it than on whether they could do other procedures of operationalization (Major theories, 2021). It means that behaviorism concepts focus more on the behavior, which is desirable to initiate and actualize the action needed. Within the classroom environment, teachers usually have to engage and focus on various forms of learning that focus on both outward and inner students to facilitate changes into desirable behavior (Wallston & Wallston, 2020). Behaviorism helps identify diverse students’ specific actions and consequences, which helps understand their observable behavior changes. The constructivism behavioral technique model facilitates learners’ construction and formulation of various knowledgeable concepts instead of passively taking in different information.
Operant conditioning techniques are behavioral teaching techniques that suggest that new behaviors come in because of various consequences. The operant conditioning shows that the overtime behavior is affected by the consequences, which begins with the ideology of a particular consequence that usually facilitates the frequent occurrence of specific behavior. For example, if the students compliment the teacher because of a certain comment, there are more chances that the students will get motivated to comment ‌ (Wallston & Wallston, 2020). The concept of the Operant conditioning model of learning rules out that the behavior is likely to be maintained with the aspect of reinforcement. Thus, Operant conditioning is usually applied in classroom learning to facilitate learning and help students understand the content. With the application of Operant conditioning, students get intrinsically and extrinsically motivated, which leads to good results based on the extent and consistency of the reinforcement (Major theories, 2021). Operant conditioning applies various concepts such as extinction, generalization, cues, discrimination, and schedules of reinforcement, which helps understand and improve the learners’ behavior.
With various experiences in learning, students usually reflect within different concepts and develop new representations through incorporating new information into the already existing knowledge. The constructivism behavioral technique model helps understand changes in the students thinking which helps in understanding influencing students’ actions (Major theories, 2021). Constructivism technique is a perspective that focuses on creating knowledge from different experiences by the student (Wallston & Wallston, 2020). With an understanding of social and psychological constructivism, teachers can realize and understand the thinking of the students, which helps in facilitating and influencing learning environments. Psychological constructivism focuses on a learning individual as an independent investigator through reorganizing and organizing various new experiences and information (Major theories, 2021). The social constructivism concept explicitly focuses on integrating learners and more experienced, knowledgeable individuals. It shows that using both psychological and social constructivism concepts with learning environments helps influence learners’ thinking behavioral patterns.
Operant conditioning techniques and the Constructivism behavioral

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