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Unethical Business Conduct (Essay Sample)

The paper outline unethical activities that can occur in a business firm. The paper then discusses ways that can be used to avoid unethical practices. source..

Unethical Business Conduct
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Unethical Business Conduct
Unethical business conduct occurs when a business is involved in practices that are considered unethical such as been involved in acts that are deceptive, tricky or dishonest towards other parties (Costa, 1999). Business ethics has both normative and descriptive dimensions. The quality of business ethics issues reflects the interaction of profit maximizing behavior with non economic concerns (Costa, 1999). Government laws are enforced to ensure that the businesses are not involved in unethical behavior towards their customers.
It is unethical practice to commit security fraud and conspiracy to inflate profits. This was the main act that greatly affected the Enron Company that was involved in the sale of oil (Robert , 2012). Through this, a company deceives the investors and employees about their disastrous financial position while making sales for the company's shares. By doing this, the top level management is responsible of violating the accounting laws and legal actions should be taken against the named company. This unethical action is only short term with the aim of satisfying the desires of the management and make huge profits over a short period of time while ignoring the repercussions to the investors, employees and the business itself (Costa, 1999). The behavior of cheating on the business accounts can lead to the bankruptcy of a business entity as it was the case of Enron Company (Robert , 2012).
Parties affected
Enron's bankruptcy negatively affected and injured the parties that were working with them such as the banks, stockholders, customers and suppliers. These parties suffered financial loss as a result of the misconducts of the company (Robert , 2012).
As a result of closure of the company, most people who were employed in the company lost their jobs and as a resul...
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