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We Need Diverse Books (Essay Sample)


I was required to watch teh video " We need diverse books". after watching the video i had to:
Summarize the author’s view on the importance of providing students with a large selection of diverse books.
Describe your experience or lack of experience with diverse books.
Share your opinion on the topic.


We Need Diverse Books
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We Need Diverse Books
In the past few years, there has been a lot of focus on the diversification of children's books, drawing attention to the lack of inclusivity and emphasizing the need for more multiethnic children's and teenage literature. The author of “We Need Diverse Books” aims and works to transform the publication business to create and advertise publications that mirror and honor all young adults' lifestyles. Diverse books mirror a person's race, heritage, sexual identity, family, spirituality, and other characteristics. This allows readers to see themselves in several different ways. Reading books about one's identity can make them feel better about themselves.
My experience of reading diverse books has enabled me to be more open-minded and understand people from other cultural backgrounds. Writings that depict a diverse range of cultures and individuals allow us to understand those dissimilar from us by providing a window into their world. Humans are prone to believe that their experience is more meaningful or relevant than others if they only see personas and perspectives that mirror their own. It is critical to remember that children from marginalized communities are not the only ones who read. Reading books about different attributes, traditions, ideologies, and skin tones can help us change our minds about those dispar

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