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World Vision Critique (Essay Sample)


the task required the writer to single out a widely kown non profit orgaization and critique it.


World Vision Critique
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World Vision Critique
Non-profit organizations around the globe mostly serve the vulnerable populations such as children, widows and the widowers, the elderly and other vulnerable groups in the society. Most of these non-profit organizations are based on churches and religious institutions which donate to these organizations to facilitate the help. World Vision is one of the largest non-profit organization privately funded by Christians to help support the vulnerable groups of people in various countries around the globe. As a faith based organization, its model of operation is by the use of biblical and Christian beliefs through spreading God’s unconditional love but at the same time applying financial and emotional support to these groups to uplift them. They do this by incorporating donors who sponsor poverty stricken children’s education and other needs. They focus on eight major areas which are: gender equality, child protection, food and agriculture, disaster relief, education, health, clean water and economic development.
85% of the donations given by World Vision have gone into development projects and enabling children education especially girls’ hygiene (King, 2011). They have also provided billion dollars in relief during disasters such as drought and floods. It has been in operation for over 40 years and have been working hand in hand with other organizations to help eradicate poverty in the globe. They partner with the government, sponsors and donors as well as the governments of the most affected countries to give aid. With the advocacy, they help the vulnerable groups’ voices reach the respective governments and decision makers who are responsible for the unjust laws and policies. This way, they ca impact their decision making to incorporate their ideas and views and to change the unjust laws.
They implement sustainable development in education, health care, economic development and sanitation & hygiene around the world. It has a vast coverage in around 38 countries worldwide and extensively in the developing countries which are still facing extreme levels of poverty. It is outstanding because they give aid in combination with religious principles which helps grow the recipients both emotionally, spiritually as well as fulfilling their needs. Most of the nonprofit organizations which rely on private support rarely rise above development levels because they either do not win the people’s trust or they do not do it right (Kelsall & Mercer, 2003). It’s very important to win the donors trust so that they ca be willing to help towa

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