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African American woman in Women`s movement (Essay Sample)


The essay required the writer choose a African American woman who through a movement spear headed for women rights. I wrote about Sojourner Truth as per the attached document


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African American woman in Women`s movement
Sojourner Truth
Sojourner Truth was an African American woman who had an important impact on the women's movement. Sojourner advocated for universal suffrage in the United States to make it possible for women to participate in voting in elections. She is best remembered for her historic speech in Ohio titled “Ain't I A Woman?” during the women's convention in 1851.
In the women's convention, Sojourner discussed the privileges of white women and that were not available to the black women. She is also remembered to have championed against the wide spread racialism that existed in the United States. Moreover, Sojourner helped in strengthening the women suffrage movements in her time by encouraging women to continue fighting for their rights. Throughout her life, she was a source of inspiration to African American women who had hope that one day they will have equal rights in the United States. It is through the initiative of Sojourner Truth that African American women were eventually allowed to vote in 1920 (Joannou 2000).
Change of female identity
Multiple female identities due to different origins and culture were barrier of women development in United States. However, in the last 30 years, racial discrimination among the female identity has reduced drastically due to social diversification in education (Marshall 1998). The growing multiracial identity movement among women has reflected the desire and the effort of women to claim their full identity in the region.
Similarities and differences between female and male identity in the United States
African American female and male identities have same opportunities of acquiring positions in educational and occupational hierarchies (Solinger 2010). In the United States, gender identity is not considered during the assessment of cognitive abilities and education. The socialization system favors men more than female identity. According to Marshall (1998), he argues united state viewed men as more social beings than female identity, which made women be isolated in the social society. However, the female identity in United States has been allocated part time tasks while men full time jobs.
Negotiation of the differences
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