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The Art History Q & A History Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Topic: Art History Q & A
Watch five of the following videos (at least one from each category) and answer the following questions. Remember to bold/highlight the work bank words.
Early Christian
Santa Sabina -
Galla Placidia -
San Vitale -
Hagia Sophia -
Saint Mark’s -
Alhambra -
Sinan - Mosque of Selim II -
Dome of the Rock -
Cordoba -
Q1. What architectural ideas did the early Christians and Byzan…


Art History Q & A
Question one
Early Christians and Byzantines used distinctive designs and ideas for construction, especially of small buildings such as tombs and huts. Domes were hemispherical structures that made part of roofs or ceiling. The early Christians also used basilica though it was not their original artwork (Hagia, 2014). However, such ideas were not developed as original works rather, and they were based on the existing architecture ideas used by the pagans. Basilica, for instance, arose from the large scale buildings of the Roman Emperors. Dr.Beth Harris (Smarthistory) suggests that basilica building was a circular or longitudinal plans for their structures that could hold several people at a time. It used to be well spaced on the ends and towards the entrance. Bricks borrowed from the ancient Roman were used in the construction of the basilica. The walls are built with several windows, and their interior contains significant mosaics. Early Christians practiced polytheism as derived from the ancient Romans. They also used manuscripts for storing their church information (Azares, 2015).

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